Wall bouncing and shotgun

Can we fix the Shooting and wallbouncing at the same time because it getting old dying to kids that are just standing there hard aiming and only killing me because i cant shoot them this is stupid as ■■■■



The new meta is to walk around like a bot and hard aim everyone.

Don’t forget the other new meta of letting your opponent shoot first, then sponge their gib and then gib them from the same distance in one shot.

Whilst they put down their controller in frustration at doing 97% from the same range without missing a pellet


I’ve been gibbed over and over tonight from the length of a football field.

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I dont care about the gib just let me shoot when i wall bounce because i can counter the gib

  1. I don’t see how wall bouncing is a skill at all tbh and love nothing more than playing the game normally and rinsing idiots who spend way to much time bashing a button going in and out of cover like the most hyperactive 3 year old you’ve ever seen its laughable

  2. Wall bouncing should be nerfed so that people don’t clip 100s with there shot while moving but everyone who hits them dead on full spread gets stuck with a 97 98 99 percent damage every time because your not even aiming when you do it your literally button-bashing hoping you hit a shot basically rolling a dice lulw

there has to be people who agree with this I’m not saying do not wall bounce ever I just mean don’t do it a like a hyperactive child going in between a single spot over and over

also completely against hard aiming haha


Wall bouncing is a skill because you have to learn when to shoot during your bounces. Its not a roll of dice and to anyone that plays like that is …yes very well garbage at the game. If youre really doing it right then. you know when to bounce , strafe and roadie to get your kill while knowing when to shoot and hold your shots for a chunk. Wall bouncing sole purpose is to outplay and in some cases be flashy,

You say its not a skill but you literally have to practice and learn different bounces.

Edit: wdym play the game normally ? Bouncing been around since gears 1


Wall bouncing is trash, learn to get headshots (skill is involved).


Telling from your past post , you only play horde lol


There is hyper bouncer who do spam and miss everything, but then there is hyper bouncers who hit there shots, if you think it doesn’t take skill, make a video and show me your wall bounce while killing multiple foes.

Talks cheap, if it requires no skill anyone should be able to do it, including you, now show me.


oh my god it’s like you were sitting next to me when I was playing this morning

It’s a total skill. Do you even play Gears Bro?? That is one if the most non skilled post on these forums. It’s players like you that ruin the game play. Crying that it’s no fair you can’t get no skilled kills .And having a happy gaming experience with your rainbow banner, and pink ganasher!


The no skill trolls strike Again! Let’s just take the wall bounce out of Gears. Lol You should be timed out banned for making a stupid post!

Unfortunately they will never do that. They set it up so moderate players can get easy kills no matter what. Any scub can land the big shot. Without working for it.
For the all mighty dollar ruining the Game. The Gears player base like us, the majority suffer from it.

They turned Gears into an Arcade, no skill, COD respawn game. All the skill moves are gone. It’s like telling Spider man. Hey Spiderman. You will not have six sense,or spin a web,or have super strength. But Hey! Use this pistol! Unbelievably Annoying!


Headshots? This sniper is made for idiots mate, anyone can do it in gears 5


We don’t need crazy wall bouncing but let me shoot coming off a wall or roll or out of running. The combat is so slow which just makes the entire game a camp fest. No one pushes anymore because you are dead if you move. I am glad it’s not too bad lancer wise after tuning unless you have a team shootout where you get shot from all angles.

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Yup, i haven’t been on in over a month primarily because of this issue

I 100 percent agree with you on certain aspects of the wall bounce it can be used to aim and kill with really good skilled kills but when you do it over and over and over and over and over it just stupid and not skilled at all your literally bashing a button but i think you know the type of wall bouncing I mean

I feel its all of the time that it is done by people with either the best ping in the game meaning you can never hit anything or the worst ping guys meaning they dont even exist

it is a skill to a point but now its really not with a lot of people

Listen bro its a skill to a point but beyond that your literally just being a child getting button happy you may as well play whack a mole

and yes I can wall bounce and kill people but honestly it makes my skin crawl when i kill someone doing it i actively look to kill every single person i see who just wall bounces more than they actually move normally cause i love knowing im way bettter and i dont have to use a gimmick where PING plays a GIGANTIC part of what your doing by bouncing all over

hahaha my guy i love killing people on the game who just wall bounce, to be honest, it probably makes it easier for me they spend too much time bashing the button to even fight me properly

what im saying is there is skill to a degree but it drops off quick

yeah been on gears since gears 1 bro and been killing all you hyper bouncers if thats what its called since day i get skilled kills a lot got some clips if you want to see bro thinking of going pro soon :slight_smile: :wink:

Wow bro cool story bro