Wall bounce spamming

Seriously TC what the hell are we playing here. Gears 5 pinball edition seemes more accurate.

All players do is spam a single button all day. No skill required, and no penalty for not being accurate with your maneuvers. Constant button smashing for nonstop wall bouncing should be tuned to require skill . Its getting old that you let the game degrade itself into this.

Console controllers need an upgraded botton assigning system to combat this, but even still its a complete twist of what the game physics were ever ment to be.


You can’t spam bounce on console you will miss roll


If anything, constantly spamming to cover make you easier to hit since they slowed the initial speed down.


This is true shoot where they bouncing to they are stuck


I find longer bounces work better than short hyper ones.
I don’t think the bouncing is the issue. It’s the fact you can spin your camera so fast, it looks like you chunk someone out of your back lol


You pretty much can on more controller configurations outside of Default. Most of them separate “Take Cover” from “Evade” and therefore completely eliminate the chances of accidentally rolling.

The OP does have a point in the fact this requires no major skill in comparison to doing it on Default.



People who play on those special settings where you never miss roll? Yeah those guys benefit from bouncing.
People who play on default? You might aswell wear a sign that says “shoot me, I’m an easy target”

Slowed movement really put the final nail in the coffin for wall bouncing being a tactical advantage. It still works well if done at a high skill set but most players can’t.




You new here?





Lul TC killed wallbouncing in this game a long time ago


The solution to this problem is pretty easy, and should have been implemented a long time ago:

The penalty for screwing up wallboucing shouldn’t be a misroll or any other button mapped action, it should be a unique animation that is specifically programmed for screwing up wallbouncing. I’d recommend a short dizzy/headache sort of pose.

Not only is misrolling a problem because rolling can be removed from the bounce button therefore granting a player absolutely no penalty for missing a bounce , it has also made the roll action a lot worse than it should be because TC has long since considered rolling a punishment instead of a legitimate evasive maneuver. They’ve admitted as much on stream, and rolling is unnecessarily delayed and restricted because of it. Intentionally rolling could actually be something players want to do more than once in a bluemoon if TC changed this dynamic.

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This it true but it completely reconfigures the settings your used too, too get rid of the roll.

Its not worth the compromise.

That makes so much sense.

I hate rolling, it’s a death sentence.

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The wall bouncing on mouse and keyboard a 2 year old can do. Have you seen people who map bounce to mouse scroll or space bar. Absolute joke

If it doesnt take skill then you should be able to join the ranks no problem? Lol

But in all seriousness Just takes some practice outside of ranked matches, join a chill custom where you can practice and get 1v1s in, maybe learn some tricks, seems you went into a game against some decent bouncers, got your bed rocked, and came here to let out your frustration, which is okay, but like every game it takes practice and time to learn the little details and fully round yourself out as a player. If you arent willing to give the game and yourself that time then ultimately it’s on you with how you end up performing and the emotional reactions that follow.

Not to mention all the other issues going on with servers and allocation of characters and shots in game that can make some games more like games of luck than of skill. But at the end of the day, it is a game, it’s meant to have fun with. If you arent dont stress yourself out over it cause I’m sure there are other games out there that you are great at!
Just practice, play, and with enough time you will be able to hold your own against bouncers.

Happy hunting!

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I used to play on Tournament control scheme.

Many of my deaths were due to ‘missrolls’ during a critical 1v1 gnasher battle.

I wanted to slide to the cover, but the game registered it as a roll. This made me an easy target for the enemy.

I used to cringe every time I watched the killcam.

I finally made the switch from Tournament to Classic-Alt.

I’m very satisfied.

It takes time to get used to the control scheme, but the result is totally worth it.


You can’t shoot while you bounce anymore because of the delay on cover cancel. The only advantage bouncing gives is hopefully making your opponent miss their shot which isn’t gonna happen because you move so slow now.

I can wallbounce just fine on Tournament control settings.

Theres no skill involved in a game where the absolute best way to kill an enemy is to just walk in a straight line at them with a gnasher.