Wall bounce limit?

So I was reading phase 4 for the roadmap update and something caught my eye regarding the bounce “Rather than making each action punished with a delay, we want to move towards a system that provides trade-offs. Instead of having a wall-cancel cooldown as we’ve had since Gears of War 4, we will introduce a short slow down on slides following a cancel. The more you cancel, the more you will reset the slowdown. The slow down will fade off quickly. This means that if you use longer slides, i.e. more efficient with your cancels, you will be able to move faster and evade better. (If you cancel too much, you will make yourself more of a target.) We will take time to tune this value to feel natural and intuitive. The point isn’t to remove hyper-bouncing anymore, just make it a trade-off. If you can find the best rhythm of sliding, you will have the most combat potential.” So, my question is, can you indefinitely bounce? Or can you only bounce so much to wear it doesn’t let you anymore and then you have to ramp up the bounce again because of the slow down. And how fast will the bounce really be? also what kind of trade offs are we talking about? We need more context.


Sounds good

Hyper bouncing is jus stupid


This sounds awful. the way he descibes it makes it seem that after cancelling your next slide will be slower and slower, and unless you let the slide complete, it will stay slow while you continue to cancel.

TC needs to get their heads out of their a***s and stop trying to restrict everything about the game that either takes skill or is fun.
Even if they counter this and remove all delays out of sliding, the glacial pace of cover slides currently will leave any opponent the ability to just track you and kill you during your forced longer slide.

That dude said some good stuff in the dev stream, but he alos said some fairly normal for TC super dumb crap that knocks away most of the hope I have for this game.

It pains me to know that rather than fix the movement like everyone is currently asking for. They are going to nerf it even harder.
Classic TC I guess?


for me it’s not very clear the way it is described. All I can say is I’m all for limiting wall bouncing, I actually hope they get rid of it somehow. it looks dumb and glitchy, period. I am by no means a casual gamer (maybe lately a bit more, sure), and I’m all for skillmoves and high skill ceiling games. I’ve been playing games and shooter for a long time and when I see any hard to master mechanic in a game I was always excited to practice it to have an advantage in the game. This doesn’t apply for wall bouncing. It just looks dumb, like real dumb. I don’t want to learn it, I don’t even want to see it. In a game like Gears, (or in any other game for that matter), you are not supposed to avoid shots moving like that, Gears is about taking advantage of covers, managing special weapons, teamplay and shooting. Not abusing wall cancels like a teenager on adderal.

So yeah, I’m not sure that would be effective, but if this reduces wallbouncing then I’m all for it. Maybe sooner or later they somehow get rid of it completely so we can shoot at each other the honest way without any glitchy-looking move getting in the way.


Its been around for 14 years man , if you dont like it go play a different game.


As i’ve said, I’m all for raising skill-ceiling in games, but it needs to be done properly. The fact that it’s been around for a long time doesn’t say anything about how good it is.
Would it make gears a more friendly/casual game? I doubt it would make a big difference, but even if it did, then maybe more people would come, and gears needs them cuz it’s not CS or LoL, so win-win

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It’s not the the wall bouncing that I care about. It’s the restriction of movement that bothers me. Wall bouncers are easy to kill. But to get rid of them you’re not lowering the skill cap and even more than they already have. I’m already on the breaking point with this game. If they go through with this and make this game more slow and unresponsive then I’m just done.


Restricted movement doesn’t lower skill cap, having to actually plan your movements and be TACTICAL is just a different way to play vs the twitch reaction bouncing gnasher fights ( a more practical and sensible way too).

I can’t tell you how many times I have felt cheated ( in the series as a whole) in MP from twitch reaction gnasher fights, but when someone gets the drop on me with a good flanking move or simply overwhelms me with better team cohesion I know where I screwed up and how to improve.

Bouncing gnasher fights are not for everyone… well they are for a small population of people, practical tactics being a bigger focus not only translate better for newer players, but just plan makes sense.


You are clearly just not skilled at the game and want it to conform to your level. The movement system is the most skill based thing about Gears and to pretend it’s lucky and random is a delusion. TC definitely made Gears 5 with people like you in mind so I wouldn’t be too surprised if they make more changes that favor your desires.


I’m not good, I’m lucky if I manage to get to silver ranks, but wall bouncing and hip firing the gnasher is a fuc*ing stupid mechanic to focus your entire MP on. Trying to explain it to a new player is just embarrassing, and it looks dumb. Especially since the rest of the game ( campaign, hord, escape) all teach players to use tactics and NOT rush in with the gnasher unless you have a good flank. There’s a reason players don’t stick around for the PvP , most play the campaign and then move on.


Even in Horde I find regular wall bouncing a lot of fun & I hope they don’t get rid of it.

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You feeling cheated is just another way of someone beating you because of a higher skill cap


Ok I’m having a hard time understanding this,

so me feeling cheated on how I was killed = there must be higher skill cap?

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Lowering movement speed will lower the skill cap. That’s the sole reason why they did it in Gears 5


The fact that you said you struggle to get out of bronze I would say yes


Gota admit their fix for it sounds kinda strange, if they wana get rid of hyperbouncing but keep gears movement just make it so like 25% of the slide must be completed before you can cancel, and que the input to avoid cancelling on like 22%ish etc an not feeling like your input hasn’t registered, that way maybe there’s no need for a variable rate delay, just for consistency

No it wouldn’t you would have to change your skill set to be more tactical. There’s still a high skill cap when your forced to plan your movements more, its just not twitch reaction based

Its slower combat ill admit and there you have an argument, but it doesn’t “lower the cap” there’s plenty of room to improve with slower speed.

I disagree.

Slower speed = slower reaction times = less skill

The speed, in my opinion, is primarily what creates the skill gap


I’m sure I won’t change your mind, but slower speeds just means you have to adapt and play smarter, which has its own skill set and “gap”

Being twitch like; is a skill. You can’t pick and choose which skillful and what’s not.

You’re just eliminating a factor that obviously takes a lot of skill and saying just play tactical.

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