Wall bounce is total BS

Lol. King Troll got trolled!

An impressive rebuttal though :+1:

I was like a fish in an empty pond ready to take the bait.

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Yeah. The forums have been pretty quiet lately. We are all waiting for the next big explosive thread. I was hoping this was it…sadly it isn’t…maybe next time😢

Like i said to funny maybe try stand up

No, it’s RUNDAN

Well, to be fair, you were to one who brought up the issue of mods with this particular case, Rundan just responded

That’s why clowns exist

You sadly ran into the wrong guy to argue with. I’m telling you, his threads are legendary. I shall always look back with fondness on the Mike vs Rundan thread.

It’s not a waste of time, it’s quite fun actually

Yes, you are correct

Hey! Another theist!

Thank you sir. I do enjoy comics like Joe Rogan, Tom Segura, and Bill Burr

Please use more commas…:grin:

The long reply was actually for him did i send it to you if so sorry. Im not here to argue with him and personally i dont care about his trends in the past because it wasn’t a debate it was me simply stating something that happened anyways have a good one .


Oh common Phug, this is a great convo!

I’ve used this dumb alias for right at 25years now and you are the first person to ever shorten it the wrong way, commoner Lown.

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Oh phug it. I apologize :rofl:

Thread has ran it’s course and remember to follow the Guidelines set for this board.

Thank you.