Wall bounce is total BS

You are wrong. Show me any reference to an Xbox mod that influences speed of movement. And, don’t say rapid fire because you can’t use an auto fire for wallbouncing because bounces have to be timed or your shots won’t land.

Like many others, you got frustrated and blamed the loss on ghosts and gremlins. That shot not counting thing, welcome to Gears. It happens to me frequently and it has nothing to do with cheaters.


Lol. The excuses some people make😂

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Your shot not registering has nothing to do with wall bouncing its the way the connections work which is ridiculous in this game. And if you have ANY actual proof please provide it


Wall bouncing isn’t cheating, any more than using an enforcer or lancer against charging gnasher only players is… You are just using a game mechanic which is available to everyone…

Sure, some people will be better at it than you could ever be, due to reflexes, vision, manual dexterity, being able to play claw when you can’t, etc, etc, but that’s life, not cheating…

I guess the closest to cheating I saw was this constant 900+ms ping warrier spamming wall bouncing which made him micro teleport all the time. But even then, he wasn’t cheating, he was just playing the game, it was TC’s netcode which gave him an advantage in that situation…

From the few times I run into diamond players, I don’t see much crazy bouncing, like someone said above, it’s the deliberate bouncing to improve shooting angles which is dangerous … wanna-bes bouncing back and forth are easy to deal with.

Haha, like this one:

I only want it gone because it looks ridiculous.

Look buddy its got nothing to do with frustration im just an average player gold 3 at best but some of the people i play with are diamonds,point is that the frustrating thing is when your being taken for a fool because of the way they move compared to my diamond team mates so we called them out on it we invited them to our party to discuss the situation and after a while of going back and fourth they were 2 players and one of them got comfortable enough to say he was using WEMODS-player speed and speed boost and they also have shield protection so dont presume to know everything if you didnt experience it .Arrogance is misplaced sometimes while a may be know superstar player ,im no rookie ive been around since the beginningof gears one so think i can tell a cheater from a good player ,

Are you playing on PC??



Oh boy, gullible much? Wemods is a free PC cheat system that is designed to only work on single player games or story mode based games. You can’t use them for multiplayer. At least if you can, then its a one off. Definitely not going to be supported to work on Gears of War, He was trolling you… Apparently it worked.

No, fast wall bouncing is not cheating. I’ve played many games where players with bad connection will seem like they’re moving faster than usual. It’s just the server catching up with behind information. An extreme case for this would be Rubber-Banding. If you see a player moving abnormally fast while wall bouncing it’s because he is probably a hand full of frames in front of what is being displayed on your screen and the server is catching up to real-time. Wall bouncing can exhibit a lot of problems with this game. Some players could even out pace the servers tick-rate which leads to sponging and what would appear to be increased speeds. Sometimes a low frame-rate can do this as well. If you watch a video at 30 FPS and then once more at 60 FPS. The lower frame-rate video puts off this effect that its being displaced faster.

This is a big issue for me when I was playing at 240FPS and then back to 60FPS, everyone seemed like they were lighting fast. It’s because you’re getting less information that’s being broadcast to your display per second. i’m not sure if you’re on console or PC but when I play on console at 60FPS I notice players can wall bounce fast enough to where that 60 FPS mark can’t display enough information (60 frames per second) to where I am able to keep up with their movement. Of course this could just be my own issue and why I prefer higher frame-rates. All of this combined with everything I mentioned about server issues and that could easily result in what you’re complaining about.

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Hahahaha! Trolls strike again!

You got played bro :smile:

When people start wall bouncing toward you, judge where the midpoint is, aim your gnasher there and fire. The lag comp will pop them even if you miss.

i.e. If they are bouncing around down a hallway, don’t try to track their movement, and just fire right down the center of the hallway to hit them.

60% of the time it works every time.


Well weapon slide and crab walking both were just a well-timed combination of button presses there’s no cheating involved whatsoever I almost guarantee you when the creators of Gears of War made the game they didn’t plan on people bouncing from wall to wall five times a second

theres a difference sliding to the wall was purposely put into the game, weapon sliding and crab walking were glitches that weren’t meant.

I can’t see how that has anything to do with what I wrote but are you implying it’s cheating? Because I’ve got news for you, TC has spent a lot of time developing and tuning wallbouncing. Beer was an accidental discovery at one time too.

Gullible you say , its funny because he was banned 2 weeks after he played with us and the funny part is we didn’t even report him i guess he played against other gullible players and as for wemods they said it worked on multiplayer when the game first came out especially the aimbot. His friend was pissed off enough to text us and acuse us of selling him out but i guess that was part of the troll . Here’s a thought maybe you can get Microsoft to tell you how many different modders they caught and with what specific mod so the rest of us can be on even par with your know it all knowledge. I’ll admit icould be wrong about what specific mod he was using since i cant control if he was lying or not but he did use mods that remains clear.

Dude, do not get in a fight with @anon8482140

What’s his Gamer-Tag then? If you didn’t report him then how did you know he got banned?

I’m telling you now, WEMODS does not work with Gears of War. Download it and see for yourself.

Oh, I’m sure that’s what happened.

“Here’s a thought”, try being an intellectual and do the slightest bit of research. You just might learn something.

Oh yes, it’s more than clear. You blew us away by all your compelling points. Definitely mods. No way could it just be some whiny kid mad cause you got spanked.

WEMODS does not work on multiplayer. You can read every forum or reddit cite.


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Hey buddy listen and listen well, first i don’t have to justify my self to you ,second im no kid ,and third your the one who should do some research since your so into playing God withother peoples experiences and to answer you again yes yes his friend texted us because he thought we sold him out . Whats your modo here ( if it didn’t happen to you then it didn’t happen to anyone). On another note don’t get insulting just because you want to be right .like i said before you may be right about wemods he could have been lying but he was banned never the less so except or like i said get Microsoft to fill in your ignorance of the game

As for you find a circus your actully funny

smiles, then laughs manically

I’m getting trolled. I got played. I took the bait and ran. There’s no way this guy is real.

Ok guys, you got me.

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