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Wall bounce is total BS

(TR199ERMAN) #1

I don’t understand why they took out weapon sliding .and crab walking. In Old gears games but I still play games with these guys that wallbounce literally a thousand bounces a minute it’s not physically possible to do that unless you’re cheating take that crap out of the game!!!

(Asurazu Rasu) #2

Chainsaw em

(ll R E D l) #3

They took it out because it wasn’t supposed to be in the game. Also it is possible to bounce like crazy. Personally I’m not a big fan of it but its pretty easy to counter


@III_EnVii_III I think you have some Hyperbouncing videos to show the OP :joy:

(Me0wMix CatFood) #5

Hard to respect someone’s opinion when they feel compelled to lie by saying players who quickly bounce must be cheating.

There’s a reason the pros don’t spam bounce. It’s not effective unless you’re playing against lower level players. Learn some basic bouncing and you’ll not only realize where they’re going to go and how to hit them, but you’ll no longer be a sitting duck. When I see wanna be montagers using an aggressive bounce, I act like I’m easy prey, then either side step or do a simple two step bounce to get behind them and take them out.

Once you understand the movement, you realize it’s weaknesses and how easy it is to kill people who are moving inefficiently.

It’s the guys who use wallbouncing to shoot from any angle that you have to watch out for, not the ones who are just bouncing fast.

(SchizoPsycho74) #6

Let me know when you learn how to do it so that I can start calling you a cheater. :rofl:

(III EnVii III) #7

Probably blow his mind :sweat_smile:

(XpL Ultrax) #8

What did I just read? Learn how to wall bounce and you will enjoy it!


Yeah, he probably isn’t ready for them…:rofl:

(FavouredPlane97) #10

It’s not that hard to respect there are way to many cheaters playing the game you just have to know how to pick them out.

(III EnVii III) #11

The ones bouncing definitely are not the cheaters :joy:

(Bleeding Pepper) #12

This thread is pure “lols” dialed up to 1015.


So true “LOL”

(Gto57) #14

It’s true that it’s not cheating. But in “Lan” and on the same equipment (TV + joystick + platform). There, today the standard equipment, no longer follows the universal competitiveness network. Moreover, there are also many differences with the players on the same time zone or foreigners, the network influences all the interractive phases. Assaults “ram”, movements in or out of a decor or a wall, where recalibrations of the viewfinder are of different speed, fired but delayed shots as departures and stops during the steps. Or on the defensive phases, the player behind his wall pulls so fast that he becomes invisible. The counter button to execute the “kung-fu” or not displayed, the chainsaw. Health, which has a false recovery or the damage received so quickly that your screen does not follow, as much as the calculator that displays grounding below 85%! And the melee completely absent because of all that.

All this, end to end makes futile assaults against anti-game defenses where a “destructor” ball inflicts 50% up to 7 meters, and 10 shots (on a 45-ball magazine) of “Lanzor” for +90 % and a “snub” ball 15%. Frankly with such damage, with a network and obsolete hardware, the movements of defenses and attacks are ineffective or inadequate.

(Me0wMix CatFood) #15

Please do explain how to pick them out. I’ll wait…

(sancris777) #16

If you use the chainsaw chances are the result will be a kill trade


For a very, very long time

(RS Indigo) #18

Gitgud? Either train your aim or predict it, I mean look at Chxse op, guy moves like a god. If you’re that annoyed by it though, just aim at the wall they’re going to.

There are two scenarios that happen:

Player 1: Can’t wallbounce for crap and just goes left right, left right - No excuse for not hitting this.

Player 2: Can wallbounce and uses it skillfully, wallcancels, strafes, angular, side to side and hyper ect ect ect.

Scenario three: People can play however they want to.

(FavouredPlane97) #19

First,i didn’t say bouncers are cheating i said some are .

(FavouredPlane97) #20

If the player is moving and bouncing at high speeds and at the same time he bounces by you he kills you but you shot him and nothing happened to him , then you record it like a good little boy :boy: then you slow the recording and you clearly see you shot him but nothing happened guess what he’s CHEATING there is a limit to the speed of wall bouncing.there are mods out there just like the aim bot mod,sad but true