Wall bounce 650-600

I consider it would be a mistake to slow down the 650-600 game, since without a doubt the fact of being able to do wallbounce in a fluid way, is a seal of gears, I think if they did this, they would again generate an annoying and disappointed comedy, included me. So I hope you can consider not affecting the game by lowering a value that doesn’t require modification and that no fan has requested, on the contrary we would like a more fluid movement, if there are people who don’t have the ability to shoot, let them practice and perfect their skill.


Let’s go even further beyond.


nooooooo 850! lmao

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Spamming A is not a skill anyone can do it. Making it slower makes it more of a skill

450 take it or leave it bud


You just can’t do it huh? Sure it’s brainless to just use it like that but the new Gnasher makes it so if I miss a shot I get wrecked for it. No need to make the game slower than it already is, the faster the better or else this game will just be boring and lancer will become the way to go

Not really. You will die if you spam your bounce, regardless of its speed. Bouncing is a very predictable mechanic, and is only helpful in a few specific situations in high ranked lobbies


I think this is the first serious feedback ive seen from this ■■■■ poster lmao. Agreed, it takes skill to bounce and be accurate. When kids spam i just sit at a distance and watch them, if they know what they are doing they might get a lucky gib. If they are trash rev your chainsaw for a free kill, ■■■■ was so toxic in gears two. Id just put away the gnasher and succ them up with the saw

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Thank you…I think…

Exactly my point. Generally, lower ranked players are intimidated by fast bouncers, and assume that it is some godlike mechanic that needs to be nerfed, when it reality, its pretty simple to learn. Now there some players who can hyperbounce with great accuracy, though that was more applicable to Gears 4 than 5


It was a complement but you broke character so now youre just equally as worthless as the rest of us.

It goes without saying that only noobs cant track someone hyper bouncing. Its honestly smarter to slow down your bounce and attempt to trick the other player by backpedaling and literally sitting still.


When in doubt, botwalk


I think the slower speed opens up better gameplay opportunities.

yes and no. Yeah spamming the wall bounce is silly and will get you killed. You can’t win a match by literally wallbouncing every where. You have to know when and where to do it along with mix ups like double left (or right) left right left left (or vise versa), and mix strafes into there while landing shots. that takes skill regardless how fast it is. the 600 speed is a little to slow for that.