Wakaatu still stuck under ground

Hey everyone, I just had a horde (50 waves) on tomb, and wave 30 we got the wakaatu, but unfortunately after diving into the ground he didn’t went up again.

We have been busy to move the fabricator and all the fortifications for 15min but he didn’t came back.

I read that it should have been in the patch

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Hmm guess wakaatu missed the patch along with Captain Marcus Hoffman.


The whole point of patch notes is to state what’s been changed in the game. What’s the point of telling us they did something if they didn’t bother fixing them at all?

The reports have significantly decreased on the issue, it happening on Tomb may be caused by something different…

I’ll ask around!


Great, thanks for the Quick answer. Good luck !!

They’re just a bit shy is all

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Probably self isolating.