Wakaatu can still softlock your game

@TC_MichaelAOS Thanks once again for fixing Kaits passive. Such a gamebreaking feature that made it impossible to continue when the Wakaatu decides he’s not in the mood to play anymore. Very cool and really enhances the enjoyment of the game.


Wakaatu went for a pack of smokes. Dont worry she will be back :sunglasses:

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Except that never happened, no matter what voodoo magic we used.

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I’m sorry for your game then :pensive:

It just goes under the map and never comes back up?

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Ever think of asking nicely?

Such a rude kitty.


That’s the trick.

For what? They already tried once and now they’re never gonna fix it.

This is for sure the most gamebreaking thing about the Wakaatu, i’m glad i did not run into this Bug for a long Time, (i recently had a all Wakaatu Match on Tomb 1-50) lol

There’s a lot of other Weird things about the Angrybird

Can’t Kill it on the Ground,
Venom-vomit flys through Walls and Ceilings ect.
Sometimes it attacks cloaked Jack/Infiltrator
The Critspots are just for decoration

Ever since it got Introduced it’s just a overall Buggy mess IMO. Just like almost every Enemy-type that got force-added into Horde.


You referring to the locust? I’m pretty certain everybody asked for them to come back.


Yeah nah. A loud minority maybe.

I still don’t understand the point of these. The stagger isn’t guaranteed and you might still get hit by invisi-vomit. Breaking them deals no noticeable damage and it also doesn’t force him underground.

Just like the Locust it feels like the Bird was added so they could say “shiny and new, now slurp it up”.

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Or maybe because people requested for it? Not everything is that deep :confounded:

Yes, people were “screaming” for a new boss and this piece of ■■■■ bird is what we ended up getting. I know it won’t happen but maybe people can learn a lesson from this and ask for more balanced and fun bosses instead of MORE MORE MORE.

And then you had a people for a while saying they returned to the game because “tHe LoCuSt ArE bAcK” when most of them are mechanically worse than their Swarm-counterparts or straight up gamebreaking and ignoring long established rules (especially instakilling when going DBNO is VERY rampant since Locusts were added - when this happened in Escape in OP2 it was fixed in a rather timely manner. Or even the Tbow-instaheadshotkill).
Not to mention that Locust are indistinguishable from one another and look so much worse than the Swarm where you can clearly tell what each unit is from a quick glance.

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You realise you can ask for MORE MORE MORE and balanced and fun bosses right? :wink:

That’s their signature look, blame epic for that one. You have an argument with the drone and sniper but not for the cyclops and bolter. Both have helmets and they are pretty distinct.

Which were just straight up removed from the enemy-pool and now you have Locust snipers noscoping you 0.5 seconds after getting out of cover with no laser warning when this never happened with Swarm snipers before.

Yeah nah. They still use the same Locust Drone base model and if you have 2 Drones sitting in cover next to each it’s hard to tell them apart sometimes, especially on darker maps.

The worst part about this is that they missed the opportunity to at least let us dress up enemy-units with alternate skins to at least somewhat bypass that issue - or even use a different Palace Guard skin for either of the 2 by default(someone correct me if I’m wrong but there’s at least 3 PG skins to pick from).

The Grenadiers in JingleJuvie are proof that it couldn’t be that hard to implement since these use PvP-exclusive skins.

The bosses we had were fine - the Wakaatu is by far without any competition the absolute worst of the bosses. Some balance changes they made to classifications ( Carrier downgrading to miniboss) were nice and the brief moment where 3 bosses would spawn also made Frenzy a lot more fun. Guess what though; people don’t want fun or anything resembling challenge.

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That shouldn’t happen

So besides the bugs the Wakaatu isnt a challenge?

No way, Sherlock. It does though, quite regular actually.

With a good team? No.

Spacing is a given and while the vomit will instadown Engis or other classes without dmg res, it barely does damage to fortifs and the area of denial is rather small and the vomit attacks are also very spaced out(10-15 seconds breaks if I had to guess).
If you pop the glands he’s often also gonna disappear for a few moments. Overall he just ■■■■■ with pacing because the only way of speedkilling him is a Cyro, catching him midair and heavy bleed (DR1, SB, Explosives etc pp).
That is if he actually dies midair instead of going underground again with 0 ■■■■■■■ HP left.

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It could also be because it’s a locust sniper and not a swarm sniper? :flushed:

Almost as if the Locusts are unbalanced pieces of ■■■■, right? Now you begin to understand.

No I’m not quite there yet :pensive:

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Less so now, but since 4 launched. Everybody.