Waiting till December for a new operation and 2 maps is unacceptable

Launching the game with only 7 vs maps and having to wait till December for more is a joke


Actually in private/lan matches some of the Gears 4 maps returned but other than that I agree that December is a bit of a wait, I would’ve preferred November unless they have something else planned for that month.

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I could understand this if the content wasnt free. Complaining about free stuff is just bad



Not quite. It’s part of the promise when you buy a game or subscribe to a service. Shows on Netflix aren’t free. I do expect more than the original episode.


Actually it is free this time around. Anything post launch for A LOT of games arent free. Most people have to buy some sort of season pass (like we did with Gears 4). What you get from buying the game is what you get. You subscribing to gamepass has nothing to do with post content. Your subscribing for the game itself.

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I remember when Gears 2 came out, such unique and brilliant maps so much so by the time the first DLC came out, we were already satisfied and it was a treat rather than feeling like just content that was intentionally removed at launch.


I mean i think people were more concerned with Epic making the game playable than making DLC if i recall

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We are gonna get really familiar and cozy with those 7 maps. DEC is certainly a long way out

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Yes, of course. But I’m speaking in regards to content.

Wasn’t it 11 maps?


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While waiting 3 months for more maps from the 7 that are in rotation is definitely not great, I doubt they realistically can do any better. Gears 4 had so many remakes and re-imagined maps due to the Coalation simply not being able to make and release 2 brand new maps a month. A feat I very much doubt most if not any devs would be able to pull off.

At the end of the day the content is free, so as long as it’s quality, I think it’s acceptable.

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Yea I’d rather quality this time around with the maps. Especially with the fact that they are free. So I’d rather wait a little longer for better quality


Plus look at games like R6 that has released One Map in the past year, three months isn’t bad and we don’t know how many maps (I’d assume 2-4) will come with the next operation.

Wait…is this confirmed? That is ridiculous. Not to
Mention map builder won’t be functional for horde and multiplayer maps out of the box.

Yea, the part that threw me was the maps, unless there’s other maps that are separate from Operations, it’s a bad move. It’s crazy, I know 2 maps/mo was too much for TC, and part of why quality went down hill, and they had more old maps than originals, and even resorted to “remixes”.

That being said, when you launch with only 7 public versus maps, 3 months is extremely too long to wait for a new map. I was thinking they’d at least do 1 map/mo. Hopefully this isn’t the full story on the maps, because it sounds very bad.

Though, there could/should be maps that are a part of this initial Operations also then, that just haven’t been teased yet maybe.

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Do you consider the first DLC for Gears 2 to be the Flashback maps that came with new copies of the game (making it 15 maps at launch), or the Combustible pack that came later?

I think the three months issue is more of a prospective thing. If you play everyday all day then I can understand why you would get upset waiting so long. But for those of us that work a lot of hours and have families and what not and only get to play for maybe a couple hours a day or just two or three days a week, then by the time we have played through all the maps for a bit three months is just about right. Really it sounds like a marketing thing to me as right when most people are like ok im done with this game, BAM!!! new contact and everyone plays it again. Wash, rinse, repeat.

Removing content from launch so it can be “free” later is what they are doing…aka Clayton Carmine not at launch but they will make a big spectacle when they add him for free even though he is in the campaign. Same for Baird, Cole, paduk etc…don’t get me wrong it’s gonna be awesome but we all know they took things out from launch to add later lmao!!! Also only 7 vs maps at launch but 5 more from gears 4 for only private play so they don’t count so it’s 7. It’s 11 if you count escape maps. They are also gonna pull a 343 and use community maps so they don’t have to make maps themselves

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You know what,

This time round,

Less is more with maps.

You can really get familiar with them and also they look to be well thought out.

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