"Waiting for other players"

So from wave 41 til 47 (which is when everyone quit) every time we would finish a wave there would be a 1 to 3 minute wait for the next wave to start. And the message “Waiting for other players” would just be there… At about wave 43 I started recording it, because it is crazy stupid.

We also had our scout go idle at about wave 25, he just found cover and chilled there… The game never booted him after like 30 or 40 minutes of just standing there… The best part comes at the end when everyone is dead except the idle scout. Because every single structure in the base get’s destroyed. While it’s getting destroyed the scout is just standing there for like 5 minutes taking shots from a pouncer tail over and over… Something there doesn’t seem right…

I have to edit the footage down from my recording, it’s 20 minutes and at least 60% of that is in wait time and another 15% is just waiting for the scout to actually get killed… 1.76GB so I’l need to convert that over :wink: I’ll post a link a bit later…

This has been happening for as long as I’ve been playing and it’s not the players because we’ll be in a 5 person party and everyone is wondering what’s going on.

What you’re observing is two different things.

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