Wait... Grace can still bleed barriers?

I thought this got patched? She’s in front of the weapon locker, behind wall.


I remember one of the dudes on my friendlist saying it wasn’t, even though I never tested grace (even though I have her I never use her) but I did test Lizzie and she sure didn’t have it.

considering she apparently has a busted breaker mace now I’m guessing its impossible for her now.

Would love some fact checking though :slight_smile:

They dropped the ball and reverted some changes so bleeding barriers is back for now.


Just tested for a couple rounds at 9am. No bleed on the mace and the one barrier i placed didn’t bleed out the bots.

Edit: Turns out i didn’t have the card equipped…

TC promoting lazyness as ever

What can that do in the end? This is a game so it s all about having fun having fun. No ?
If some people want by buying a character for $ 20 to have a bonus for delirious why not. Are you jealous ?? Buy it! If you don’t want or don’t like it, just don’t play with this character in your group or join a lobby with this character …
I really don’t see where the problem is.
Personally, I hate coca cola so I’m going to ban or ban cola it’s an order never drink cola again !!!
Seriously it doesn’t work like that in the world …


I don’t own Grace, but I tested a bit ago with my Lizzie, Clayton and Paduk, and they all have their barrier effects back(Clay can get barrier bleed with Serrated Edge, but it’s pitifully weak even against Beginner enemies, so I wouldn’t bother with it).

Not a good week for the developers, I tell you what…

Graces barriers don’t bleed (shut up) I mean TC patched it (keep a damn lid on it) Nobody has (seriously shut up) barrier effects anymore (just let me enjoy it) and to suggest otherwise is nothing more (Don’t ruin this for me lol) than your eyes playing tricks on you and thats the end of that.


Ah… I see you one of those types. From this day forth, all Grace characters will be instantly kicked from my lobbies, so I’m not worrying about it anymore. She’s the worse. Not just the fact Grace bleed almost instantly kills everything, but it’s the fact Grace characters don’t help with mainly anything else. They just sit in the corner with their breaker mace all match.

@WrinklyHornet34 :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

Easy peasy.

They’ll be plenty of lobbies without you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

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Works great! Thanks TC.

Hey mate.
You really don’t have to do that. Instead if you or someone you know that has Grace use her as insurance. Let them build the barriers and only use them in case things get hairy, like if your getting overrun. Even if a random joins your lobby ask them to do this and if they don’t you can always kick them at anytime.
Also she Is not useless. She has bleed on her mace that has always been there. Her ultimate knocks and stuns enemies, including all bosses except Swarmack. Her gold card makes enemies explode on melee kills dealing damage to all other enemies around (like Coles and Fahzs kills) Plus her passive grants her steam on melee kills.
Combine all this and she is pretty usefull. I say this because I’ve taken down all boss’s but Swarmak with her. Snatcher and the Flock are very easy. Carrier and Matriarch are a little bit more trickier as they can grab you and rip you apart. You have to approach them at a right angle and be quick.
Give it a chance mate.

You ain’t seen me running her gears hombre. Everything Piz said about her is true . . . . plus . . . She has a couple other dirty tricks i haven’t seen mentioned on here that are super ridiculous.

I’m not a fan of exploits, especially hers. Not only does she deal out massive power, but whenever she’s in the match she’s barely helps. She just sits in the corner. Regardless of other skill sets she may have I’ve never seen anyone use them.

I like matches to have a certain degree of difficulty, and having her in matches draw away that element.

I know I saw her kill a Carrier around 5 secs, with incendiary grenades. I couldn’t believe it. Not a fan of hers.

I don’t sit in the corner at all. I mean that would be boring. Secondly, i don’t see what the diff is. Some examples…

I’m lizzy, the box is in a corner. Two engineers wall off the entryways of both lanes with shock traps, sentries and an array of barriers on Abyss. By round 4 (on frenzy) i had nothing to do and the sentry placers topped the board everytime. The final wave was a joke. I didn’t fire but a couple drop shots, and i didn’t even need to do that.

Another Last night on Asylum. Had a maximum JD, and a maximum marcus, i was Grace there was baird. Baird set up two barrier arrays longways down the two main halls and both the max heros wailed away wave after wave. I’m sitting there licking my chops for a few swats on a baddy, but before i make the 10 meters JD splatters the whole pile - again and again. So i just hung back and picked up team on occasion and whittled wood.

I guess my point is “whats cheese?”


you mean there is a game breaking exploit for a character you need to pay £15 to get? Why would they fix it… the cheaters will be paying for it

Lizzy and Paduck are the freebie ‘cheats’ i guess.

Or a goosed up Keegan with max explosive regen/cooldown on kill - brandishing a salvo.

They initially fixed these issues but broke them again with the new update. I love it. Take advantage while it’s here, boys. Paduks bleed shocks are a thing of beauty as well.


That’s exactly what I mean. I’m all for playing legit but it’s hard to play legit when the game is broken and keeps being broken more with every update. These things don’t hang around for long, I say enjoy while they last.

I have fun doing solo insane runs with her (no execution, no survivor)… :grin:

I think that bleed damage is ultra broken, it is recursive… In the sense that you get bleed on bleed because how else can one incends take down a swarmak? So it is self feeding…

Btw, do mg sentries do bleed damage with her? Never tried it…