Vs rewards convo

If you get top 1000 do you get rewards right away or at the end of the season?

You need to be top 1000 at the end of season, so at the end of the season.

Damn ok…if you get to 1000 an don’t play that game mode like before do you hold it or do you get bumped down.?

If others keep going up I would assume you would get bumped down, so you will have to keep playing and hold your rank.

Instead of innovating, TC is giving some random skins to motivate people to play.

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Ah, just like the esports streams no one wants to watch.


Esports streams are kinda interesting now after they brought in Control and Execution 2.0.

Can’t wait until OP8 introduces Black Heroic Skins in the store for a few coins that look better than these Ranked-skins.


I’m pretty sure I got the top 1000 reward already

It shows on your screen when u hit top 1000. But doesn’t award the skin yet