VS modes are trash

This game is ridiculous, i cant play any other mode than arcade vs, or week event game because ping 120-160. i’m trying to get those medals for winning in other modes but it’s kinda impossible. Seriously guys, it’s look like multiplayer in gears of war 2, big pile of good looking unplayable ■■■■.

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Agree, this is every game for me!

Today i’ve got 2 games, one with ping 50 and i was mvp, we won 3-0, i was guard two times and never died, when i wasn’t guard i killed enemy guard. Next time with ping 150 i’ve done ■■■■, and i had enemy with ping ZERO, how the ■■■■ somebody even can have PING ZERO?

I dont understand this. You have 5 people pinging around the same and and 3 more just a little higher. So why does it choose the server closest to 1 person?

As someone who usually plays on 100>140ms ping due to playing with friends from America (I’m in the EU), it is possible to do well still.

I MVP about 60>70% of my games. The secret is to play like you’re in the past slightly.

It’s hard to explain, but try to do things slightly earlier than you usually would.

You still get a lot of bs, like dying before you can even react, but you can generally avoid it by doing stuff earlier.

Hope this helps

I had a game today where I was on 35 ping and everyone else was 100>350ms ping :rofl:

Why the game decided to put 90% of players on the wrong server to placate the one player, I do not know

yeah right, i’am gonna play and do everything little bit early when i’ve got ping 120-160, but play normally with “normal” ping around 35. THEY need to fix this, this is fricking ridiculous, this is 6th Gears of War game, even 7th if you count remaster, but multiplayer STILL sucks, still there are lags, still there are some idiotic monkey cheating maggotts jumpin and bumpin around whole map.

Or i dunno, maybe do challenges that do not contain vs modes like guardian, escalation etc. because those modes are unplayable ■■■■. seriously, if i had this game from store, not from gamepass, and start from multiplayer not single, i would do refund.