VS Achievements Not tracking!

my game stopped tracking again WHY???

My game has stopped tracking before (it eventually catches up). But whenever it has stopped tracking I’ve always been able to see where I am by comparing games with someone’s else playing Gears 5.

My profile could show 18% but when I compare with a friend and go to the achievements it will show 21% or whatever it might be.

Then a few days or a week or so later my profile “catches up”.

Would be interested to see if this is the same for some of you.


well i just campared to 3 othere people no luck yet i guess i try it on sat.

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Anyone still having trouble with these? Mine haven’t updated for about 3 months despite adding thousands of K/A to my stats
Stuck at 95% on kills , 80% on damage and 69% on assists

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Mine haven’t moved in like 18 months lol. Unless TC announces that they are working on a fix for them I don’t expect them to ever be fixed…

Yes, I’m in the same boat.
The last time my percentage changed was about a month ago.

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Even if it stops tracking, are they unlocking for you or no?

Yeah 3 of these are stuck in percentage for me as well while other achievements have progressed

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No the achievements are not unlocking for me.

Ive Been trying to finish these versuses achievements for well over a year now with not much luck. Operation 7 or 8 seemed to completely break the tracking and unlocking somehow

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Edit: I submited a ticket but I have no hope for an answer, less for a fix.

Today I redeem a 48 Xbox gold trial for trying these achievements.

I did more than 1000 assists and Covering Fire tracker didn’t move (I am at 27%)

I was playing on Xbox One, and after shut down that Xbox I logged on Series X but the tracker is still at 27%

I almost bought 1 month of gold for nothing (I don’t play nothing MP right now, so literally that Gold is only for boosting the achievements)

I’ll try to log in on my PC on 3 more hours and see if the tracker moves or not