VS Achievements Not tracking!

i cant seem to find any info on this

my tage is

Death Slice X

i have Series X

the tracking of vs achievements stop tacking i have done hard reset that dont work i have remove my tag from xbox and re add it so it would sync and still dont work

Which achievements and how are u trying to unlock them?

You need to be more specific, while it’s true some achievements can be bugged, most of the time it’s either time (some track at once, some take some hours or a day) or you’re just doing it wrong.

Make 'em Bleed
Deal 30,000,000 damage in Versus

Yep, I’d Say They’re Dead
Kill 25,000 enemies in Versus

Absolute Carnage
Deal 100,000,000 damage in Versus

Yep, I’d Say They’re Dead
Kill 25,000 enemies in Versus

Nothin’ But Bits!
Kill 100,000 enemies in Versus

Eyes on Target
Get 12,500 assists in Versus

Covering Fire
Get 50,000 assists in Versus

i have try coppo vs ai and custom online and costom offline and its still not tracking

Are they all staying at 0%? Or are they stuck on certain percentages?

no they are stuck on certain percentages!

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Do you use multiple Xbox’s by chance? I use two different Xbox’s and the one I did NOT use that day will not show the correct percentage until I play a round on it. Another thing to check is the Xbox App. That is always accurate for me

no i only have the Series X and i use app all the time its same on there too

i just loud gears 5 again and this
achievement just poped

Yep, I’d Say They’re Dead
Kill 25,000 enemies in Versus

i guess it take a few hours to update wow

For me a full percent needs to be earned for any progress bar update to be seen using xbox’s achievement tracking.

If you are saying you have earned 200 kills today, why is this not updating…its probably because the percentage increase is so low the system in place doesn’t even take it into account and just show you are still at the same percentage.

If you are saying you look after 1,000 kills and you see no progress update, that is just a server side issue that will need to resolve itself.

Edit: for reference, on the 100k kill achievement. You could get 400 kills and it would say you have received no progress in that time because that is only 0.4% progress. 1k kills would be needed to slide the tracker forward.


If you just got the 25,000 kills achievement, your other one should be at 25%. Is it stuck on a lower percentage?

yea now it is it has been 10 hour to finnly update wow

Actually,If no new operation after op8,some achievements can’t be unlocked,so i think it can restart from op1 when op8 ended.

Any news? Or they will fix it with next update?

I’ve got the same issue with my damage, kills and assists for versus and horde/escape.

Infuriates me

Consider those achievements’ numbers and what it takes to get the bar to even move 1% you are not likely to see it progress very often unless you are mowing down bots endlessly in private matches.

If you mainly play modes with no respawns you may not see movement for weeks.

I took a note of the percentages before op 7 and they haven’t moved a bit.

Mine doubled a while ago and I don’t think they still track

I think there is a bug, possibly caused by quick resume, that messes with the numbers. One day I just turned the game on and the 25k kill achievement popped even though I didn’t have it, all of the other damage/assist ones jumped up by a considerable amount too. I haven’t caught up with the tracker in my in-game stats page (100k kills in vs achievement claims I’m 30%, I only have 21k) so my numbers haven’t moved at all.

What do you mean by quick resume ?

Xbox power settings.
Energy saving or Instant on modes I think.

On the series x you are able to “quick resume” multiple games at a time. No loading required.

If I am playing Gears 5, go to the Home Screen (without quitting the game) I can load up another game entirely and play that and the console will save exactly where I was on Gears 5.

So then i can go to my games and apps or the “groups” function has the titles still open under quick resume group.

Doing so on titles that require an online connection is finicky as once you load back in you are usually going to be kicked back to the main menu due to the inactivity or the disconnection from the servers since the game is basically in hibernation until you quick resume it.