VRR causes jitter/stutter on Series S?

Hey guys,
Ive noticed something and its only gears 5 thats doing this
I have a series s console and
If I go to the settings and turn on Variable Refresh Rate/freesync ,
gears 5 would run very jittery/stuttery but if I disable it its back to being silky smooth
Ive had this issue for a long time
I wonder if anyone has the same
Im running the game on a 1080p monitor 60hz if that matters?
All other games VRR works fine

I would ask if you’re using HDMI 2.1 but if it works on other games I’m not sure.

Only thing I’d think of. But I’m no expert.

I had this issue as well when I was still playing. I still had the issue even after having my Series X replaced due to other issues. I think I just turned it off while playing Gears but it was aggravating.

I was using an LG nano tv at I don’t know if it happens with all TV’s or not.

It seems like I might’ve tried switching to freesync at one point but I can’t remember if that helped or not.