Votes Maps In Horde

There should be voting also in public Horde lobby instead of random map, those are some of the reasons why people leave the public Horde lobby and people would love a voting lobby in public Horde.

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Has been asked for a lot, needs to happen :+1:


As mentioned above, TC has ended major feature support for Gears 4. This would have been a great feature though.

I think it’s great that TC is focusing on Gears 5 and no reason these additions can’t be added for that :+1:

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Please don’t buy into that BS. It isn’t “lots of work” or a huge job.

Don’t let them pull the wool over your eyes. I’m a game, app and emulator developer and know this without question, given what they already have in place for versus.

My apologies. I only got 4 hours sleep last night and missed that.

Glad to hear that you don’t buy it either.

PS: was your old GT NickRisen or something?

Aha interesting fact right there! :grimacing:

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