Voice of Gary Carmine

Could anyone tell me who voices Gary Carmine?

I’ve wanted to know this, his dialogue is actually really good.

I actually can’t stand Gary…

Not sure who voices him but its definitely not very public, just took a look around and i couldnt find anything, is probably going to need some deep research, but from what i can tell there are a fair few people wondering who it is.

Blasphemy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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probably the same guy that voices the helmet less uir and puts on a weak european sounding accent

pop goes the freak show

He sounds like one of the psychos off of Borderlands 2 but I doubt it’s the same VA.

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Carmines are over rated anyway…Change My mind

All I think I know is that it’s not Michael Gough (the voice actor/ not Alfred in Batman actor)