Voice lines in Upcoming Games

Just a quick thing I thought of. Nothing interesting. I just thought someone could have a voice line along the lines of “Was the camera rolling?” or “I hope yall recorded that” like for superstar Cole or something to hint at the fact that it was a cool thing that happened and should be clipped. We also need some updated voice lines. I don’t play Gears 5 anymore but I dont recall there being any new lines. Shoot. Since Im typing already plz let Gears 6 RELEASE WITH map builder since it was promised in Gears 5 and not given. Also copy other games success when it comes to content if yall have to. Even if you guys give use a lot of old Gears maps. It seemed like they gave up on Gears 5 honestly and just abandoned it for some reason. Yes im ranting but im done now because Im going to go get some pizza.

There are a lot of good voice lines with a lot being new.
My favorite has to be “COG Birds, just as fragile as I remember!” from Paduk.

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I do like the quips back and forth between certain characters, it does feel more natural.


“Well done, Karn!”
“Rise, Ketor!”

Yes, it’s certainly good to hear Carolyn Seymour’s voice interacting with them. I’d like to see more specific lines in regards to the humans though, i.e. seeing Marcus she’d say “It’s him.” or with Kait something like “You could be so much more, my child.”

I really hope they approach her, she’d definitely be on board for the last game.


We could crowdfund her fee :wink::+1:


Pretty much exactly what happened.

Without a seconds hesitation!

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Oh I wasn’t even thinking about Paduk honestly but you’re right.

I would see if I could get Myrrah (CS to me and you) to me my VO for phones etc :wink:

Have you spoken with Ms Seymour lately, I haven’t for a while I did email a month or so ago though, but no reply.

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Now there’s an idea!

And no, nothing too recent. Last I heard she was flying back out to the South of France after attending the MCM Birmingham Comic Con last November.

One thing is for certain : Sam deserves more voice lines. She got nothing new for Gears 5 besides 2 lines in the campaign.


This man gets it. Sam is THE COG, she is awesome, probably bored you/forum before about the fact I use Chloe (she even looks like Sam, CB) in all Uncharted MP modes :wink:

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Not only that, but she’s been reduced to just a King Raven pilot. I want to see Sam fighting on the frontlines again alongside Marcus and the rest of Delta. I’d be surprised and ecstatic at the thought of playing as her again in the campaign for Gears 6 IF it has 4 player co-op like Gears of War 3.


I don’t particularly play as Sam much but I also find it criminal how underwhelming her variety of lines in the MP modes is. Doesn’t even have specific marking lines for Rejects or Leeches, for christ’s sake.

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At least she is one of the few characters with Silverback lines. I think the only ones with SB lines are:
Marcus “Walking cover, Nice!” “It’s time to tear ■■■■ up!” “Oh this is gonna be fun!”
Dom “Walking cover, nice” “Check out my suit!” “Time to tear ■■■■ up!”
Baird? (haven’t heard him say any but they exist. Can’t remember exactly what they are though)
Cole? (same as Baird but I can remember he says “oh this is gonna be fun!”
UIR Soldier M “Fits like a glove!”
Mihn “I’m on this gorilla!”
Paduk “The COG and it’s beautiful technology” “A tank that walks, interesting” “I am comfortable, and dangerous, what more could you ask for, hehe”
Tai (just says generic things like “Oh yeah!”)
Hoffman (treasure trove of lines. He has so many) “Oh I feel like I’m wallowing in some ■■■■■■■ now!” “We’ve got a Silverback!” “You watch me go!” “This isn’t a joyride” to name some
Anya “Gotta love a woman with power” “Oh this is going to be fun”
Sam “Oh yeah” (generic but it counts)
There may be more but these are the ones that I recall.

When I went to bed this morning, I realized I completely forgot about Dizzy.
Some of his are: “Look at me now, big as a house, come on, I’ll break your nose” “Oh yeah, I’ll call her Suzie”

Sam also says, “Let’s smash something!”

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Forgot about that one. I wonder if she has any Cryo lines. I am sure she has Scorcher lines though as most characters do (and many have comments on others using the Scorcher)

No cryo cannon lines from Sam, unfortunately. The only unique scorcher line I can recall from her is, “Get the hot sauce!”

I just kinda want Baird’s line from the scene they exit out the worm in Gears 2 added to chainsaw kills.

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