Voice chat issues (xbox one x)

Is anyone else having voice chat issues like myself. I’ve checked voice chat activation settings and yes it’s on. And game chat workes perfectly fine. So I know I’m not accidentally muted.

But for some odd reason game chat never has a speaker next to my gamertag. I’m basically permanently muted. Is there any reason for this. Or some simple fix I’ve not noticed yet?

Anyone else having this problem?

Yep me. Same thing happens to me. Have to go into party chat and it seems to work just fine there. Since the update of the Xbox dashboard for the new x, things have been messed up for me including the voice chat.

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Okay soo I ran into someone in ranked and he heard me in game chat. I guess there is some issue that the speaker symbol dosent pop up on your own gamertag anymore, but does for everyone else.

TC please fix. It nice to have the closure that our mic actually is working.