Voice Box on Right D Pad

Does anyone encounter the issue of when you’re in a Gnasher fight, sometimes when moving with the right thumb button you accidentally force the voice box to come up on your screen and block you from hitting your target?

I wish TC had a way to disable this feature as it’s VERY annoying to me!


There should be a way to disable it, but to be honest it sounds like either a controller fault or that you’re just leaning too hard on the right stick.

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It’s a habit, I even see it with guys on their youtube and twitch videos. It’s annoying that we have no option to disable it. I’ve gotten killed too many times because of it.

I switched the right Stick with the Y Button. Helped Me a lot in vs.

So you use Y button to move?

An easy fix for TC would be to change it to hold it longer. That way accidentally pressing too hard on the stick won’t keep that emote wheel in your vision until you click again. Either that or completely disable it, it annoys me too.


The click part not the movement.

I found that I press the right stick also, but in Horde, I end up moving barriers :sob::sob::sob:

Not the movement, you only change the function "pressing down"the right Stick with the Y Button.

I’ve been asking for this ever since the game came out. it’s actually called Clenching and other games have ways to mitigate this.

the MP design director even said he did the same thing yet here we are, 12+ months after launch and still no solution.

Somewhat related, but on PC, I keep accidentally bringing up the chat box when I mean to hit Y for ultimate (chat box is U, right next to Y). The times I want to do the ultimate are often times critical moments, so this flub up can sometimes result in a wipe, unfortunately, I know I need to assign it to a different key or to a mouse button but just keep putting it off.

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