vJorde is a hacker

Not only is this kid blatantly hacking Ranked but he’s even admitting to it in chat! And what does TC do? Nothing. They’ll probably lock this post and protect him despite all the clips and chat evidence and then sit there wondering why this game is dead.

Or or or hear me out…They’re working on it and you’re breaking the forums rules with a callout post which gets the post LOCKED


Wow it’s like you read what I predicted and decided to be the moron to live up to it! Amazing :joy:

“Working on it”. There’s still Day 1 bugs in this game.

Man it’s almost like fixing bugs and game developing take more than five minutes

I’ll call out someone since we’re doing it.



Hi there,

Callout threads are not permitted on this forum.

Instead please report these players using official channels


Thank you :slight_smile: