Visual glitch with barriers on horde frenzy

I played horde many times but this is the first time that I encountered this. I was playing as JD on District and after the engineer put a new barrier, that barrier start to expand and rotate, and sometimes I couldn’t see because of the thing blocking my view.

Was very annoying playing that horde, and I don’t rememeber if I complete it or if we lose. Anyway, the glitch was there until the end of the horde. (And I was the only one with the problem)

This does seem pretty bad. TC may want to fix that, not that I have encountered it myself.

Although it also reminds me of a kinda hilarious glitch in a silly mobile video game where a certain item would glitch out and stretch, going all over the place randomly and very quickly. Very fun to observe, also useful to collect any items lying around the sandbox-esque levels. Of course the devs eventually patched it after years(because you know, screw players for using something in an offline only game) after they started making all of their games F2P and shoving loot boxes and ads everywhere, and ruining some previously fun games in the process, so the only way of doing it now is by playing an older version or having it go off the map straight away…