Visual glitch caused me to accidentally spend 3k gold

I was upgrading my cards and I did all of them. Then I wasn’t paying attention and switched tabs from horde to escape and saw something to upgrade (as in marked as enough cards to upgrade and the “ready to upgrade” blue text) so I upgraded it but it turns out it leveled it up using gold instead so now I’m down 3k due to a visual bug.

Basically it was level 3 so I upgraded it to level 4. I switched tab and saw something was level 3 and could be upgraded so I upgraded it but it turned out to be the card I already upgraded from 3 to 4 so it spent 3k gold upgrading from level 4 to 5. Is there any way to refund this as it was due to a visual bug? I mean if this happened with a legendary I’d be livid.

You’d need to contact for any possible next steps.