Visible frag plants

Coalition can you please fix this thre opposing team shouldn’t see where I plant my frags.


It has always been this way.

In gears 4 you couldn’t see enemy frag plants through walls. Makes frag planting almost* useless.

Ok, I grant you the bit about seeing them through walls. But they were always visible.

I just don’t like it takes away a kill or kills.

It was never like this. You couldnt see the plants in tac com like you can now. It really does make planting useless.


You can see enemy nades in tac-com? You serious TC, sometimes, just sometimes you’re undefendable

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They were visible.

Enemy nades were black in tac com in GOW4. But couldn’t be seen through walls. I know this because I spam tac com and was very good about spotting them for the most part.

Much more visible in G5 (I think they’re white now?) and can be seen through walls

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I always thought that it only happened like that if the frag appeared on your screen

You could only see them when you had line of sight, in G4. In 5 they are visible across the map

I’m cool with it being a visible plant as long as the grenades become things that work in general.

In gears 4 - your friendly plants are BRIGHT white plants you can see anywhere.

Enemy plants are shaded shadow and only shows up in tac if it’s on your screen in plain sight. Basically - enter an area and remember to hit tac.

Did we play the same game? Cause last time.i checked gears 4 never let you see the frag until it was on your line of sight.


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I guess I didn’t get far enough into it.

I can verify this cause I am tac-com spammer as well…enemy nades were black with a white outline and friendly nades were white. Only seen through line of site in 4

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I wish I could un-see this.

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Beer goggles help :wink:

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Bwhahahahahahahahahaha now you are talking my language :beers::sunglasses:

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Just don’t plant grenades. Case closed.

Gears 1-4 You were not able to see planted frag grenades.