Vintage Kait is now craft able?

Is this apart of the e3 craftables along with the carmines?

Yup . Also the Ugly Gearsmas Armor Kait is craftable, as well as the Zombie Carmine ones.


I have thank TC for finally allowing those of us who missed the beta to get vintage kait and also thanks for the chance to get gearmas kait,thats like a double bonus also i love wild kait as well,was happy to spend 10.00 buck to get her in a mega pack.Long ago i ask for a chance to gets the frist 2 kaits listed but i got attacked by a bunch of self ri’chis posters who acted like the only one who deserved vintage kait was the ones who played the beta,well in my case i missed the beta because i had to save enough money to buy me a xbox one,it took me awhile by then the beta was long past,so before you pass judgement on anyone else think about why some might have miss somethig frist!!!

I think all the Characters will be craftable eventually or at least most :+1:

black steel and bloodmoon imago too?

Meh, there’ll be hell on Earth before we see Black Steel becoming craftable.

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I didn’t mean the Black Steel ones, I meant the regular ones.


i hate how they made both variants of the carmines craftable. like can the people who been playing have something exclusive ? just my opinion. same with vintage kait you got her from playing the beta now everyone an get em ? what? so stoopid dood.

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Oh wow… I just noticed that Vintage Kait is no longer craftable anymore! Looks like it was either an error on TC’s part or they’ve taken on feedback from fans and have now locked it again.

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Also just noticed that the Zombie Carmine’s are also not craftable anymore either.

what happend with the people who created that characters with trash?

The only thing guaranteed non-craftable is Black Steel.

As far as I know they get to keep the skin. It seems to be TC’s modus operandi - they made a mistake in making it available, and either cannot or will not take retrospective action against people who were able to take advantage of it. I guess it’s the same as if a shop accidentally mislabels a product with the incorrect and much lower price, they wouldn’t be able to go after customers afterwards to charge them the correct increased price.

GOW4 is winding down,with GOW5 now almost ready to go next year,it’s would be pathic if some players still would waste there time whinning about a few players having a chance to get vintage kait,from what i’ve been reading the games got bigger issuse in fuctioning correctly,so if you still are obsessed by a beta bonus skin then you got bigger problems.It may have been mistake to offer her up but she was not free,she cost scrape to make and beta players got her for free so remember that.Alot of times we don’t get what we want,well welcome to the real world,I’ve rarely ever had things go my way so this time something did,If i can deal with rarely getting something i want then so should you…

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I’m kinda miffed, but I should have seen it coming :smirk:

Should’ve crafted her when I had the chance… didn’t expect her to go back to exclusive and locked.
Not big deal anyway.

I crafted her right away.

Now I can pretend to be special.

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Couldn’t care less I scrapped the one I had the nano-second that I was able too :+1:

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as much as i wish i could have Vintage Kait, i believe it should remain exclusive forever. i purchased all of the other Pre Order characters plus skins and Totinos JD with Zombie Lancer and it made me extremely furious when The Coalition made them craftable. i just hope that the Rockstar skins, Controller Emblems, Golden Custom Lancer remain exclusive because i paid a big amount of money to get them.