Vintage Kait : beta reward

My vintage kait has vanished from my inventory, i still have my beta emblem though. Is there a way to get her back? Im slightly iritated by its disappearance.

Can’t help mate, but just to confirm mine is still there. Are you sure you someone deleted or maybe you did by accident ?

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I would never! I doubt anyone else did. Im the only one that uses this account…and it was my favorite… But if nothing can be done than i gotta accept my mysterious loss and get over it… at least i have the emblem still…

That card can not be created or destroyed so it can’t be that.

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Good point, well made :wink:


Who cares. It won’t carry over anyway. Gears 5 is out in a few months

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Normally I’d respond “What if you want to go back and play Gears 4?”

But Gears 4 is the only Gears game where I can genuinely say that no one will come back to the game once Gears 5 is out.

The ranked matchmaking means ranked will be dead, horde is the least interesting and the campaign isn’t worth playing more than once.

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I get your points and i understand if theres no way to get her back i just gotta accept it.
But that doesn’t make the magical disappearance of the indestructible card for vintage kait any less irritating…

Totally agreed

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