Village……wow incredible

Nothing else to say. Best map hands down. Detail and layout is insane. TC you have very skilled map designers. Great way to end the maps.


I liked every new map added to Gears 5 post launch except Pahanu.

They indeed managed to make great maps.


So far it’s an awful Horde map and bosses still have broken audio on it. That’s all the impressions I have of it up to this point.


And the framerate. Subpar as expected by now.


Looks good for pvp did have a little custom mess around.

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How did you get the update? Do I need to restart my xbox?

Edit: nvm I had to restart my xbox. Can’t believe you have to restart your xbox to get updates in a generation where the PS4 doesn’t lol.

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Better than this…


You can also get the update by going to the manage game/add-ons menu (or whatever it’s called in English) and checking the available updates from there. You can find that by pressing the menu button on a game in your game library.

Whenever the prompt for a new update doesn’t show up automatically when I start a game, doing that works for me. I usually have to get the update that way if I’m signed in when the update drops.

Oh I’ll have to try that next time.

The GOAT map

Is this a base Xbox problem? I’ve only played Gears 5 on an XB1X/Series X/PC and I wasn’t aware certain maps had framerate drops.

Series X and PC. It’s a common issue with new maps. Ephyra in particular is also pretty bad sometimes.

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screen filters make it worse as well. Drops into to 10-15fps range

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Huh. I have never, ever noticed a framerate drop due to a map choice. Or, like… at all, really lol.

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Best map ever :face_with_monocle:

Just wish it was an actual over pass.

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I wish it will never return :joy:

I would much rather play sandbar over overpass.

Village is an extremely good CQC map and overall map in general. We took about half the map and all the taps were in great locations. Took us an hour and 37 minutes with a team of 2 blademaster, a gunner, a pilot and a robotics expert.

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So its solid in pvp and pve?! :smirk:

I didnt spot any centaurs or armadillos though :upside_down_face:

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Too bad they ruined it with the stupid Prototype Markza. Now someone can sit back, potshot you and laugh as you go for the objective. You need to grab the Markza or else the stupid gun will annoy you out of your mind. Glad to get that medal group out of the way ASAP. Please tell me the gun won’t be in the map anymore once the event is over.

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