[VIDEO] - My Results for 15x eSports Supporter Pack 10 Openings

My video has finally uploaded and processed onto YouTube.

I believe the quality will improve over the next few minutes / hours.

It was recorded in 4K at 60 FPS on my iPhone X.

Game was running one my Xbox One X through my 65" LG OLED 4K TV.

Video shows me opening 15x eSports Supporter Pack 10!


Spare some change bruh. Lol


Pretty Much if you could only gift - so many dupes :joy:

I’m ready for the next one already :rofl:

why are there craft able items in these packs??? Just a joke and an even bigger rip off. Those shouldn’t even be in these packs its bad enough you can get the same characters over and over again


I agree.

The filler is terrible.

However - some packs have 1 filler card and some seem to have 2 or a max of 3 I think - so again, depends on luck!

I got so many crappy filler Lancer skins :sob::-1:


There shouldn’t be any filler. Why are you paying for something that EVERYONE else can get for free. It’s not like your paying $1 or 2 for this. Your paying premium prices. This is just another way TC is robbing you people and the sad part is its never going away because you guys keep buying it


You wanna send me a gift card :smiley:

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Haven’t bought any black steel packs in a while. Watched the video just to remind myself why. Glad you got the skins you wanted though. Chunk of change for an aging game.


I agree, there shouldn’t be any filler :+1:

Wise choice :+1:

Good Sh*t M8. :+1:t3:

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Thanks :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

That’s odd, on the mobile app I bought two packs and minh and Marcus came out as legendaries?
I also don’t see them on my list for some reason, first time buying them on mobile btw

Definitely Epics :+1:

Would have been good to screenshot it though …

Damn your right I really hope it’s on my account:(

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Kinda annoyed that pack 10 only has 1 locust, and that it was just given out earlier this week minus the black steel variant. I think we need more black steel locusts, and im not feelin the marcus or kim ones, always been a Baird/Dom kind of guy myself lol. I always limit myself to 1-3 packs if I see the characters I want to get, if I don’t get it by then ill just say f it.

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Ah the long awaited pack opening. I’ve been looking forward to this. I could feel the giddiness and anticipation. No disappointments, thanks for posting. :+1::grin:

I only decided to buy 1 pack. Got minh. I’ll probably just stop there. I went too crazy with the emissive set a while back so I feel like I gotta cool my jets going forward. The wife’s been pretty cool about my esports acquisitions so far but eyebrows started raising last time around lol. Baby 3 on the way too.

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Moving forward I need to want at least 2 of the characters to risk the outlay. On this set I only wanted the Kantus, so no buy from me. Weapon skins are nearly always very average.

I wanted an all Locust pack but obviously that would alienate the Horde only players and TC would not want to lose that revenue.

I did tally up all I have spent on digital Gears packs since Oct 16.

£190 which seems a fair bit but over nearly 2 years (a lot less than many though) it is about £10 a month. I tend to buy maybe 1 esports pack each time they release. Saying that esports8 was the last one.

Back to the money, I would have rather had the content for free or been able to buy actual dlc, as in campaign chapters etc, alas that does not seem to be the business model TC are going for.


I really hope we get some more Locust.

I think the Theron would look nice and so would the Palace Guard.

But @TC_Octus please can you feedback to the team to add in a few more lights - the characters look very plain, almost Matte Black in game without them!

A Theron Guard with Red Lights done right would be look Mega!

Again, for insipiration, look a BS Tai - his design is nice :+1:

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I was hoping for a 5-Character Pack got the big Pack 10.

You know, something a little more celebratory for the tenth one.

But alas, no.

Would have been nice though :sweat_smile: