[Video] My 30x eSports Supporter Pack 13 Opening Results

(III EnVii III) #21

Aha, pack 2 was my least favourite :see_no_evil:

(OneButtNugget) #22

I can’t wait for esports pack 14 with black steel ben, black steel kantus, and LED lights swarm imago.


Black Steel Onyx Guard!!!

(OneButtNugget) #24

if you want to play as a onyx guard, play gears 3 until it becomes a possible pack or event character.

(GB6 Kazuya) #25

:astonished: Phantom Theron!

Pretty much anything Theron, but that’ll do!

Yes you deserve the Imago :joy:

Also I wonder if anyone else heard that mystical music upon reading @T0NY_HAYABUSA’s post about the super duper ultra rare only one in existence character skin or was it just me…


I heard it too! It was akin to Gladiator’s score

(III EnVii III) #27

It would be nice for a skin that rare to visit more than one player.

Maybe it changes players every season.


(H9216M151) #28

LOL…we could at least get all skins under these packs legendaries so players can get lots of scraps with extras.
I got to say this1 has 2b my least favorite pack so far. Thank You for taking the time to show us these skins.

EDIT: By the way, is there any chance we will ever get an Onyx guard?

(Bleeding Pepper) #29

To be fair, there’s a massive difference between the two. Supporting eSports, spending money on packs and liking packs is fine in my book (as an individual choice). I personally have a bit of a collector’s streak about me, and have spent a reasonable amount of real money on the eSports packs so I can’t talk! Obviously I dislike the whole concept of RNG packs so yeah I’m guilty of propping them up. Equally I moan incessantly about the system and how rubbish RNG and lootboxes are.

But spamming the forum with poorly written incoherent and repetitive posts? That’s where the line is. :wink:


Don’t go adding fuel to the fire my man

(BraveHearts GG) #31

Wow, can’t believe you didn’t get a Snub in 30 packs, I only wanted Gary from this and I’ve opened 2 packs and got Drone in first, plus Snub and Enforcer and then from 2nd I got Gary and Lancer, so I’m happy with that. At this point though I literally have almost all of BS characters, the ones I don’t have are those I didn’t want and since I have been playing AC:Odyssey for the past month I buy a pack or two just to support the game, not saying I won’t play it anymore it’s just I’m a bit burnt out so taking my time to ensure I don’t get fed up with game to the point I refuse to open it anymore (happened with Gears 3 after nearly 4 years of non-stop playing)

Stay up mate!

(III EnVii III) #32

I know! Not getting a Snub and so many DropShots, Embars and Enforcers was crazy!

(NUBinbound) #33

if you want the snub bad enough you can always get a tat and maybe you’ll get it from TC


I wounder if that’s how we are gonna finally get the BLACK STEEL ONYX GUARD!!!

(xFribbo) #35

I want the black steel black steel imago.


TC should reach out to @III_EnVii_III for the design :joy:

(Bleeding Pepper) #37

I heard if you get a full body tattoo (permanent) of the Onyx Guard then TC will create the skin and make it exclusive to you, and no one else.


…on my way to the parlor as we speak!
I love how accurate and informative everyone is here!

(Duffman GB) #39

Re Blind man’s Gib, have you seen The Three Amigos and The invisible swordsman…it just might work.

(III EnVii III) #40

But then what’s left for Gears 5? :rofl: