(Video) Look! Up in the Sky! It's a Bird...It's a Plane

It’s a flying Anchor class player!

I think that Snatcher glitched that player. After he was rescued, he appeared standing still in the air.

He couldn’t shoot, or revive. He could use the ultimate and walk/run. At the end we lost but was fun to watch the glitched player.

I raise you this


But a similiar glitch can happen if you get downed in the exact frame when picking up a meatshield. You can just walk around with no care in the world while your teammates will see you DBNO sliding across the map, unable to revive and you’ll eventually bleed out.

Also; why did you perk ammo regen to 10 first instead of keeping at 5 until dmg/crit are at 10? And why hesistate to use the shield + Boltok ?


I laughed at your video (obviously isn’t funny while you are playing, but still). Do you play on a Series X, right? The video is very smooth.

Now for answering your questions:

The video was for when Reclaimed was the daily map. Mutators were 1000% cost of fortification and 1000% ultimate regeneration.

Why I perk to max ammo regen? There was an sniper and I wanted to carry a longshot for him. That was the idea but we died a lot so at the end I couldn’t do it.

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Yup. Actually never checked but I’m pretty sure there’s a 60fps setting for recordings.

That explains the lack of barriers.

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During a BR. Didn’t see when he/she died at the end of the previous wave but still funny visual glitch

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