Video captures no longer working properly?

All of a sudden I’ve noticed issues with video captures on my OG XB1. The 30 second clips are cut short (6-7 sec for 1080p and 15 secs for 720p) and there is no audio.

I’ve done all the basic troubleshooting steps like clear out all clips on my DVR, power cycling the console, toggling the capture setting, changing resolutions, etc. Issue keeps coming back after a few clips.

Is this a known issue with Gears right now? Never had this issue before.

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Seems unlikely that it would be a Gears thing. Both my xboxes occasionally do this, including my One X, and it’s really annoying. The audio issue is random. The 5-6 second thing happens if you think it didn’t capture so you try it again. What that does is actually cut the first capture short.

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I’ ve had it happen a few times. Seemed to depend on clip capture rates on my external drive. The system cache could be overwritten before it has time to write/save your capture data.?

Capturing to internal storage is defaulted to upload to MS servers too so there’s another bottleneck to create problems and errors.

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Thanks for the feedback. I’m using the internal storage and have my clips set to 30 seconds/1080p. For the most part I never had any consistent issues until recently.

Any recommendations? Thanks.