"Victory Seized" Achievement not popping for anyone else?

I’m not much of a Free For All guy. I understand the appeal of the mode, but it’s not for me.

That said, I also care about achievements and earning operation medals, so I’ve played it on numerous occasions. But the “Victory Seized” achievement is apparently bugged on my account. By my count, I’ve won a ranked FFA match three times, including a match where I was 10 kills behind that earned me the “Come From Behind” achievement, which did pop. But “Victory Seized” did not.

So I tried a private match with a separate controller. That also didn’t work. Still locked.

I submitted my ticket and haven’t heard back, so I thought I’d bring it here and see if anyone else has had a similar issue and if they found a workaround.

I remember unlocking this upon load up when the achievement was added as I had won a match back when it was 14 people per lobby. I assume something might have happened when the change was made to reflect 8 people per match, as I recall for me, wins, for a time, were not logged on my Ranked stats.

As the user above noted, you may have to do the private methid in 14 player FFA. Is that what you tried?

Achievement is tied to 14 players FFA, game treats 8 player FFA as separate game mode.

I’ve got the same, I guess is due of the old 14 players way who is get in count, even in the ranked stat I’m at 0 victory

If you placed first I’m sure it’ll pop at some point it’s prob just delayed or glitched but this one sucks only game mode I need for that challenge. Best I’ve done is a close second place. My closest match was tied for first 29 a piece with another player got gibbed from behind and the other guy capped a kill before I spawned back in. Now I’m in to high a rank for me to get first I’m lucky if I finish in even second or third. Honestly they should run it like every other game out there with a ffa mode you get a match victory for first second and third but not in gears.

I don’t recall what version of FFA I played, but that might be it. I’ll try it today.

What’s odd is that “Come From Behind” still unlocked, so would that be tied to FFA-8, or is it simply tied to any FFA and not specifically FFA-14? :thinking:

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I dont know how TC set it up, but worth a shot :slight_smile: