Victory Day skins we have not gotten in a long time 🤍

Any Characters in Gears 3 & Gears Aftermath Campaign qualify for V-Day skins

V-Day Unarmored Marcus - Gears UE
V-Day Cole - Gears 3
V-Day Baird - Gears 3
V-Day Dom - Gears 3
V-Day Paduk - Gears Aftermath
Griffin - Gears 4
Onyx Guards male & female - Gears 3 / Gears Judgment


Isn’t V-day Paduk just judgement Paduk? I will now go to Google to confirm or correct this lol

They have the slightest variation between them. I think V-Day has more of a patchy face and has his wrist armor removed.

Aftermath is Gears 3 story & Paduk is a side story of Gears 3 = to V-Day

I am aware of this. I am referring to Paduk essentially looking the same in Judgement as he did in Aftermath.

No not the same

V-Day Dom? Dom didn’t make it to V-Day. :wink:


3/4 of the way he did

Bro he didn’t make it.

Its just gears 3 dom, or sad dom.

Its like calling Sofia an Onyx Guard :joy:


Ah so the slight difference being his shoulder armor and wrist armor

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Is that really warranted a skin though? Lol.

No love for my boy V-Day Prescott sadge

Hes already in gears 5 though??

And he didn’t survive V-Day.

So it’s just armored Prescott lol.

Nah, it’s like getting that beardless Marcus skin they threw out a while ago lol.

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Hell no we got Tactics presscott

Facts lol.

Oh hes already there, just a completely butchered version of him…

If you’re talking about the gears 3 VA, then we arent getting him.

I’m talking about the actual skin, not the VA. The VA is a different can of worms. Ofc gears 3 is the best.

Nah the skins are different aswell, in current gears he looks more like Prescott from Gears 1. The voice actor bothers me but kinda don’t mind the new one either, its just a bit sudden



Literally the same thing :joy: