Vibration doesn't work on Gears 5 PC

When me an my brother want to play COOP on split screen on PC

with 2 controllers of XBOX , the main controller that connect to the game is not vibrating

For example, my brother use xbox controller-1 and start the menu in the game

and when me with my controller-2 join to the game, i feel vibrating and he doesn’t feel,

When we do the opposite (contoller-2 is the first to connect) the problem happens now on contoller 2

At last, the problem is with the user that opens the game with the controller.

Is anyone have this bug/problem to?



Hi I’m having the exact same issue as you are. I play the game via Xbox Games Pass Ultimate if that matters but only the 2nd player controller will vibrate. If I play solo there’s no vibration either. This only happens with Gears 5, all my other games have no issues with vibration feedback.

To whom we need to report that? I can’t find coalition’s support

same here
also there are different graphics for both players on my pc, player 2 often has other light effects you can clearly see in comparison
strange coop bugs

@za5874 I am getting the same vibration issue as well. Did you ever find a solution?

@Khaz_Katan I’ve noticed this as well. Dropping the quality settings to high fixes it. Seems like the game downgrades Player 2’s graphics on Ultra.

Hi, I am having the exact some issue, I have version 1.1.154 only the 2nd player controller will vibrate. My controllers found fine.

So Gears 5 is even bad at being a vibrator!? Shame… :unamused:

It seems.

Do not solution?