Veterans day 2018

Why was there not some kind of event, like an XP event, for Veterans on Veterans Day of 2018? I feel like that was not very caring to the vets who play the game

There’s a “[Something] Day” on every day of the year. You just get into the situation where people argue about what is more worthwhile than others. I mean, what makes veterans more worthwhile than say, doctors (there’s a Doctors’ Day in the US on 30 March every year)? Honestly, it’s all subjective and TC have got it right with just focus on the biggest and most famous events.

I agree that there seems to be a day for everything now, but that being said… For starters Veteran’s Day is a celebrated holiday, and a designated Federal holiday. The day was established to recognize those who risk, and have risked their lives to ensure freedom. Sure many other “jobs” are dangerous, and you may be injured or killed, but those are potential risks. Whereas a military person signs up knowing that loss of life is in the job description. Another top quality post @DAVID_THE_CLOWN


Yeah… this is exactly what I meant and I’m not going to get into a discussion about veterans and these other “jobs” you’re referring to because it’s not the place and will just lead to arguments.

I’m on pins and needles waiting for the post requesting a “National Potato Day” event

How come you get a whole frigging week you b@stard?!


It’s Beer Day for me every day. :rofl:

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The powers that be declared that to be the case. Not much I I can do about it

Today national pizza day… where tf are the pizzas TC… WHERE!?