Veteran which lancers are best?

I notice many use the retro, isnt the GL more powerful to use with the bonus of having rockets?

I am talking in regards to horde

The Retro insta headshot kills, meaning no time is wasted on also finishing off the down or bypassing execution rules, and has a higher base damage with less damage dropoff at range, at least as far as I know. So that’s why it is a preferred weapon for them, especially when they’re using their ult.

Longshot also works pretty good with Headshot Master. Or whatever that skill is called again.


Depends on the situation you’re in.

GL is more stable with a COD rapid fire - rockets can be tricky

Retro’s good for CQC

Regular lancer is the best overall

Edit: Oh it’s a pve question? I’ll leave then…

I usually have a regular Lancer and Retro equipped.

Regular Lancer is for chainsawing flushers and shooting at everything else going for headshots. Retro is for when I pop my ult. As @AmicableWall421 already mentioned, Retro is the only one that gets head pops from a distance, so it’s easily the best for the ult.

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retro is king for vet.

get out of here pvp scum!!! :face_vomiting: :rage:

I’m an 'O6 Vet, does that count?

this is only for players who actually play the game :tipping_hand_man:

I suppose it does :slight_smile:

I played shotty snipes last night :grimacing:

5 is still :sleeping: though

I use both. The Retro Lancer is mainly used for the veteran’s ultimate as it kills enemies by headshots rather than making them go dbno. The Lancer GL is great at recharging your ultimate quickly by using its launcher against a bunch of enemies grouped together or bosses since they have so much health. Combine the Lancer GL’s launcher with the cool down perk and you’ll have your ultimate recharged almost instantly.

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I use all three… The GL’s insane rate of fire is a lot of fun to use against non drones, and i switch when shoting things which can go dbno. This is during the ult.

For recharging the ult i find the trishot works best, for me.

Regular lancer is prwtty effective the first 10 waves, and the chainsaw rocks… Well, it WOULD had they not totally screwed up the chainsaw controls with their stulid RB thing… Barf… Top 3 stupidest changes in g5

Are you referring to sometimes reloading instead of executing?

Always try to use GL+ Retro.

GL is by far the best for shooting outside of the ult because of its low bullet spread and it has nearly 2.5x the Lancer’s fire rate. You can compensate for the high recoil by just pulling down on the joystick. If you can spare a slot for extended mags it will counteract the main weakness on this gun of frequent and long reloads. Just be mindful it has a very harsh 50% damage drop over distance, so try to stay at mid range.

Retro is good for up-close large enemies (bosses, scions, pouncers) and is obviously the best with the ult on.

Regular lancer is trash for actually shooting things. Poor accuracy and damage output. If you want to chainsaw, just retro charge instead, the required distance/duration to impale is VERY short.

So the retro would be preferable over the GL when using the ultimate?

Hey Jet.

Yea man retro all day for ULT. I went over this also in an old guide.


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I have a hard time enjoying the Lancers in this game. The damage drop-off, recoil, and bullet spread make it less viable passed 20 meters or so, and if you have a good engineer he should be pushing enemies pretty far back with barriers.

As such, I use a Longshot with Veteran with the Retro. Outside of my ultimate, I’m sniping and executing things. Inside of my ultimate, I’m mostly using the Retro with a few snipes on the big guys.

Just use Keyboard and Mouse. I have my Chainsaw as a totally different bind than reload. :yum:

If only I could unbind mantle from melee…

As said the GL and retro combo works very well.

Fun class overall, haven’t played veteran for a good while.

What you want is to use longshot with that headshot card to kill and gain ULT ASAP. It also gives you range. Then use retro for ULT. And you dont need locker just ammo regen and an ammo box here and then.