Veteran mode needs a rework

First of all, I love the game.
It’s clearly an 8/10 for me. The game is really buggy, but I didn’t encounter some of the serious ones. Although I had a CTD in the final mission.
But the most disappointing part for me honestly is Veteran Mode.

If it is how the game allows us to play after the campaign, then it fails horribly.
If you don’t like randomized, and pretty hard challenges, then you won’t be able to complete more than 4-5 missions. Side quests (in Vet Mode) doesn’t allow to use same soldiers twice, modifiers are HARSH and don’t make any sense. No overwatch damage?? Enemies have 100% evasion in cover? WHAT?
But the final one for me was the mission with nemacysts that restrict you to have only 2 AP per turn. You can’t even go away from the nemacysts far enough.
It just awful.

My solution here would be:

  1. Make modifiers optional or scalable with a difficulty level (but nerf them first anyway)
  2. Make it possible for the side missions to NOT have any modifiers
  3. Let us use all our soldiers after we finished the campaign. NO MORE “TRAVELING”!

Good ol’ TC. Sure the overwatch feature is a fundamental part of the game but let’s literally turn it off.


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This was the worst one for me.

Use a scout. Sprint ability only costs one ap and can allow you traverse mass distances. Cloak to avoid enemies, equip armour that increases movement distance.

I really still wish this was a traditional Gears game. Hell they could have went first person…which I still believe was a once intended feature in Gears 5, that got scrapped, not a glitch as they say. I haven’t bothered with higher difficulty in 5. I’m not bothering with it in this. Once is enough.

And you need 4 soldiers fully equipped for it and they all should be scouts. + you can’t fully avoid combat in the game,

15 turns, one man rescue missions is the 2nd worst after that one. Even my super sniper with AP renewing skills, that one-shoting enemies can’t reach both of them in time and stay alive.

Grenadier scout can, but modifier locked him.

I got the same mission and the other 2 are the enemy has 200% accuracy and i have to 2 soldier limit and all my troops have their magazine size decreased by 75%.
Guess i can’t finish the game until they change modifiers .