Veteran Keegan skin

I like hivebusters. New characters are welcome. But…
It will be great to have a new Keegan skin with a real veteran commando hat or military pirate bandana…

TC, have you some problem with men hair ? :joy:

Because i think Gears 5 like bald men : Baird, JD, Keegan… There are very bald addicted designers here ! :joy::joy:

Seriously, TC, can you change shampoo and give us new skins with hat or cap to hide the bald heads ? Save Keegan, ha ha ha ! :joy::joy::joy:

It’s all older guys, if you’ll notice. Guy tend to get thin up top as they get older. Give it a decade or two, you’ll see.

Rather see an Onyx Guard Keegan. I think that would be cool.


Yeah… with one thing on the head ! :blush: