Veteran Gear gears of war 2 level 100 fast

Takes me back towards the final days of Gears 2 with the 25 times xp. My rank reset so I played one wave of horde over and over. Went from 1 to 100 in five days.

You are very close, Halfway between 80 and 81.


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From 1 to 100 (6,825,825 exp) at that amount of exp you would need to do 17,065 waves to get to level 100.

Given you are already 75 it will now only take you another 4,191,102 EXP, at 400 per wave is only another 10,478 waves.

Or you could play splitscreen as the second player with a player who has level 100 and it will almost always just pop.

Thats way i said true achievements, its a site where u can create or join groups for achievements.

Im sure gears 2 has social matchmaking.

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Its been a while since i got that achievement, i knew it was the low 80s. Thx

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25x Xp, lol TC cant count that high

Would this work for the horde achievements that require you to be a certain level?

Absolute best XP method is by doing the Fuel Station elevator glitch on Guardian with a double/triple boxing boosting partner. Screw ring boosting… way too slow and boring!

Here is a video showing the method:

In the video, they are just testing if it will work in private. But you absolutely can do this for XP. Again, the best case scenario is having 2 people who want the achievement, because you can have two leaders caught in the elevator at the same time (one on each side), and the rest of the lobby should be filled with dummies/friends who don’t mind idling for you.

Again… ring boosting is for the damn birds! This method is WAY faster than that!


best way is either Insane waves of horde and just play the first wave over and over, or guardian games this vs mode gives out the most XP. or if you’re lucky get a group of 10 and search for KOTH games and you can boost points by one team standing in the hill and capping and the other team breaking the hill every second but very mind numbing and this should dish out a lot of xp but pretty time consuming

Is private the same as custom?

Nope. Just replied to your DM though.

I am willing to join any boosting sessions. Add me up legaliveMe

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If you guys looking for a dude to do koth boosting add me
GT David Dreemurr


Add ThrashWall. Im currently achievement hunting gears 1 and 2.

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Anyone still doing this? xX10Anth0ny01Xx My rank reset years ago and I’m still trying to get it back up

If your still down then sure trying to level up too. Reply if your down.

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Hopefully you find someone to help you but you’re replying to a thread that’s been inactive for over a year

Yea bro im down If you down still lmk so you can hmu

Im up man

You guys still doing this? Add me AffirmedVoice20