Veteran Build - Your favorite cards

I’m curious to hear your favorite builds on Veteran class. I started getting back into Horde recently and my veteran is at level 14.

Currently I’m using : Custom Lancer, Extended Rifle Mag, Lancer Stock, Dug in and the Extended Ult Ability card (can’t remember the name)

I’ve been using this build because I can lay down fire for a really long time without reload. With the Lancer stock (level 6) I can use the retro at any range and because there is almost no recoil so it’s really accurate at any distance.

I’m sure there are other builds which work great, so I’d appreciate hearing about any other combinations you’ve had success with.

Have you unlocked that card that increases your damage when you take damage? I can’t remember what it’s called. On higher difficulties I like the extra damage output. When I unlock Headshot Mastery I switch to that. My final build is:

Band Of Brothers
Dug In
Custom Lancer
Headshot Mastery

I find this build has a nice combination if attack and defence. I mean, it’s no good being able to hit hard if I’m constantly DBNO, so I find the defence from Dug In and Bamd Of Brothers very useful. The aim of this build is to really just high damage during my ultinate; and the waves in between to be able to support team mates and build up my ultinate again so the cooldown perk is important.


I‘m using:

+115% magazine
75% less recoil
Custom Lancer
Headshot Mastery

Magazine and Recoil cards are good for waves without ulti.

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I need to lvl up Veteran, only lvl 13 I think, this class is super useful in Horde,

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I’m working on maxing the Veteran class, currently at 18, and this is my exact build for the same reason :+1:

Superb build :slight_smile:

Cool. thank for the idea. Once I unlock another card or two I can try some new combos.

I used to take those card either, but recently I changed dug in by brutal efficiency (executions recharge ultimate by 40slvl6),

Cause there is always much reject after waves 3, it means you can recharge your ability with 3/4 executions, And then use you ability for the stim

Last ditch? Wasn’t this card for heavy back in gears 4 - “the berserker.”

I might be wrong lol.

Yes that’s the one! I find that Last Ditch is very good, esepcially for lower level Veterans, or if Headshot Mastery isn’t levelled up that high. The damage buff is pretty good and applies to headshots and non-headshots alike, and is a great palceholder until you can get Headshot Mastery levelled up. I think it only requires you to have 80% or less health, which is a very good threshold. On harder difficulties a couple of Claw or Hammerburst bullets will be enough to trigger it. Even when I unlocked Headshot Mastery, as it was still low level I still stuck with Last Ditch until HM was up to level 4.


Custom lancer - the extra damage is nice
Recoil reduction - to better be able to get headshots with the retro lancer
Headshots - more headshot damage is helpful both when using ultimate and when not
Extended magazine - I find that not having to reload as often when not using ultimate is useful against spongier enemies.
Band of brothers - good to get some stim, extra useful if there’s a Paduk with the bleed card equipped, he will appreciate the stim.
I always ditch the gnasher and buy a retro lancer at the beginning.

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I think they should give Nomad another card at level 19. Similar to protector, automatic stim for couple of seconds (when full health) that way it’s easy to get bleed for Nomad. Keeping the stim is a hard thing, especially on master difficulty.

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