Very small loyalty rewards

I still vouch for the Ultimate Edition Lancer being the reward for Gears 1 vets. It’s not overtly obtrusive in a show off kinda way and only real og’s will actually notice the difference between this and the updated lancer from Gears 2/3.


All I have to offer is a half a six pack of Schlitz Beer, some stale Doritos and the phone number of some chic I found written on the bathroom wall at the truck stop. I really need to get out more…


You guys are sad…
Instead of worrying about a good game, you worry about having some special skin because you play since gears 1. My God, I beat all Gears game solo on insane and couldn’t give a fart about that, make a good campaign again, and in fact, drop these childish weapon camos and Fenix Zombie crap…


Just because someone asks about rewards doesn’t mean they don’t care about the quality of the game.


Since 2006 is the correct and proper way to word that


I loved how Gears 3 rewarded those who had wings in Gears 2. I feel as if that was one of the longer, grindier achievements and I think we should still get a medal for that to this day. I always had my “Member of the old guard” medal equipped on Gears 3 and I would on 4 and 5 if it was an option.

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How much of a veteran am I if im from Gears 2?

Mr 08 vet

Assuming he first played it in 08

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If I went around saying I’m a vet, people are gonna say, “Thank you for your service”.

And that’s why I don’t. Even pets would fear me.


Lol you don’t need anything just cause you played in 06

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Ok, that was good. :smile::+1:


I think a cool veteran player reward would be skins based off the menus for Gears 1, 2 and 3. I would rock the Gears 2 skin forever with its destroyed buildings in flames and a twitching Crimsin Omen.


I’m in favor of rewarding all the players who achieved seriously in the first game


Keeping the “PlAyInG sInCe '06” meme alive I see. Never change Gears fans.


Life isn’t fair

That repsonse just shows the sjw side of things

It shows dedication to the series.
It shows loyalty
It shows that players have PAID INTO this (as well as Epic’s) franchise for the past 13yrs.
It would show that being a vet actually meant something to the company, as it’s the vets that stick around after 6 months post release, and not game hopping around to the next big thing

Adding in a single skin is not much in the devs end, but would mean a lot to the core fanbase

Like halo 3 with its timed achievements etc.

Not everything needs to be fair or we cry about it.

This generation of pandering balance to everyone is silly

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Right, as if it’s some sort of certificate to entitlement or being right 100% of the time.

I wouldn’t say no to some sort of reward for playing that long, but it would have to be locked behind a certain achievement. Hell, I would be fine with just a banner that symbolizes how long I’ve been playing.

Maybe a loyalty reward could be for a certain amount of kills in multiplayer for the old gears games. Maybe 1.000+ kills in Gears 1/2/3 would get you a special skin. You know a certain marker that the Johnny come lately’s probably wouldn’t have. But that would just open the floodgates of “This isn’t fair to us newcomers”. We already have a lot of people complaining about the gilded RAAM challenge.

No offense to the new comers but rewarding people who have stuck with the game for a long time should be rewarded. There are plenty of challenges and so on that gives everyone a chance at something good or decent. Giving something to people that have been around for a long time just shows the new comers to enjoy the game and stick around