Very skin team animal

(Ezz vErDuGo) #1

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(MarkDark8814) #2

I need my team animal enforcer but cannot contact anyone

(Ektope) #3

It can take up to two weeks.
Just need to be patient and they’d be rolling out soon.

(MarkDark8814) #4

I keep getting a link to this site then more links how can coalition read this and reply to me. Watch every stream and now can’t get my enforcer

(Ektope) #5

Did you click ‘claim’ for Enforcer?

(ll R E D l) #6

just be patient its coming it may take up to 2 weeks

(OCBslim1s) #7

General question: How do I claim my animal skin after watching the stream?

(Ektope) #8

There should be a quest tab next to the chat tab.
Between the chat and Twitter tab on right side of page.
The quest tab only appears during and some time after the stream.
You have to complete the task in quest tab to be able to claim raffle chance and the skin(s).
Usually, they ask you to retweet on Twitter or watch for 15 or 30 minutes.
When it says ‘Claim’, click it.

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(MarkDark8814) #11

And also are the san Diego emblems coming soon for going to the event?

(wiiadrian) #12

I went to the SD event to participate and I’m still waiting for the emblems, too. I thought I was the only one without the emblems.

As others have said, we should wait up to 2 weeks after the recent october update. Hopefully we will receive them by then. :crossed_fingers:

(MarkDark8814) #13

Thank you. Will i be getting my missing team animal enforcer also?

(MarkDark8814) #14

Appreciate the quick feedback so far…:slightly_smiling_face:

(MarkDark8814) #15

Got my emblem from attending the event in San Diego. But missing my team animal enforcer from the stream this past week. With no reply

(wiiadrian) #16

Thanks for the update. I just checked and I still haven’t received mine. :confused:

Have you checked the thread for missing stream skins? Maybe you can get help there.