Very painfull to see what the coalition did to this game

More and more it looks like a circus en play like ■■■■ online.
Nicely don coalition for ruining one of the best games ever.

My late explanation. (sorry and im a bit lazy to)

The coalition does not listen to the gow fan base and loyal players. = no need to constructive criticism.

I loved gow1 but my all time favorite is gow3 so there you and the colition has now what i think they should do to make this game great again!

1 No cross play whit pc players.

2 Where is the tactic in this game?

3 And hell yes gow was known for his gnasher battles.

In this game you get punished for having a good internet connection (low ping) and the skills u got in this game for playing 1000 and 1000 hrs in 14 years means nothing like someone else mention it it look like u r a silver and yes I shame myself for being so bad after 14 years of playing gow.

And last i thank epic for their great games. They where not perfect but dammed it was 100% fun. Excitement and sweaty hands guaranteed. (what I never felt in gears 5)


I’m going to wait until Gears 5 comes out of Beta and is released before making judgement over anything.

Hoping that’s before Christmas 2022.


The 3d/character artists and animators are top class. The other teams should step up.


Yes sir.

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Fair play on that front :clap: they do some good wok.although My beloved Queen could be better and I pray they do a better job with Sam than the did on 4, just port over UE Sam.
Job done.


Overall I’m still enjoying it a lot, main issue to be honest is so many great games out. I will be honest about the main thing that bothers me about Gears 5, and I am big fan I love the game overall…it is the bugs.

I still sometimes get the end of match glitch where the stats don’t show up and you get an error message, it’s not a big deal because the results still count, I just cannot see them, but I would think by now this glitch would have been fixed.

Secondly, I tried one of Clayton’s cards, Lone survivor, and it is obviously glitched…it works all the time and not just when people are down…which is fine to be honest, I think it should be like that because he can’t take that many hits on the higher difficulties and he’s supposed to be a Tank.

Overall I like all the new stuff added in OP3 and the gameplay feels superb to me. The thing about this game is that it’s huge, lot of different online modes PVP PVE, huge co-op campaign, so I can understand some bugs still slipping by here and there however I think they should do their best to QA patches so these bugs don’t show up it’s just not a good look to have glitches in the game.

I like all the quality of life improvements also like being able to do what you want between horde waves, should have been like that from the start. Anyways game on


This game is a joke now. KOTH is the worst to play. Why buff the lancer and nerf the gnasher? It makes it so much harder to break a setup now especially without flashbangs. The matchmaking is trash too. Im a masters in KOTH and its like my teammates are so bad all the time you would think they are silvers. Its bad enough that i always play against stacked teams. AND they slowed the movement down too? For what? I feel like im running against the wind all the time now. All the kids that suck at the game can hit shots on me now because bouncing is completely out of the picture now. This game SUCKS!


Nothing going to be better than Black Steel Queen for me :disappointed_relieved:


I use her BS version in 4 as well, and “standard” in 3 and 5.

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Everyone who has purchased this game is entitled to share their opinion. However, comments (and threads in particular) like this, add zero value to TC or the community. For you to lazily just say they ruined the series adds zero value to resolution or discussion. If you want the game to be what you envision it should be, you need to provide FEEDBACK. Real comments on what you hate about the game. You don’t like what TC did with the game? This is more than fine… but for Go’s sake, explain why.


Agreed. Getting so tired of these pointless threads that have zero constructive criticism. G5 is a good game. It needs improvement but it’s a good game.


If TC did remakes of those,

The 3 I’d want from Swarm side would be:

BS Grenadier Elite
BS Lambent Grenadier
BS Queen M


More skins for the queen for sure. I got allot of friends calling for Sam as well. I’m not sure why. But I guess you and they know.

Bring Guardian back to Ranked!!!

Now the thread is relevant :wink:

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The Dutchess is the greatest, sassiest, foulmouthed cog ever…that is why :ok_hand::wink::+1:

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Wow. Cool thread bruh.

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The game is broken and terrible i am dissapointed in this huge letdown of a game


Me too. I love Gears, but i can’t with this game.



this game changes every freaking week!


They did the game is ■■■■ worst gears ever made total garbage