Very long ranked queue time ? Finally skill matchmaking?

Didn’t played for a couple days, since ranked was garbage and teams were totally random with begginers everywhere in both teams …
They promised to fix it, so i tried to play the game this evening, i found a game after a 10 mins queue, with people that knew how to play in both team, so it was enjoyable and i was happy, and now i’m at 15 mins queue, without finding a game. (TDM)
Actually i don’t mind waiting (if it finds a game at some point), if the players are good and makes the games enjoyable.

Can we assume that they now try to match people based on skill ? Or is just the game currently broken ?

SBMM fix is apparently in tomorrow’s update.

was this not the fix to SBMM last Thursday?

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Well it ain’t worked if so. It’s all over the place.

They said this for later on today

What’s the difference between this tweet, and the fix (mentioned in the TWIG) which they are going to roll out today?

I don’t understand.

so its not really included in the TU. just reconfirming SBMM was fixed last week, server side

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