Very happy with gears 5 now

So I was just seeing that everything is fixed now since I put up my last post up. I was lvl 21, just got home from a long day at work now I’m lvl 26 got all the supply drops that I missed I am very happy with these results! Keep it up gears with all the good work. Thanks for everything yall do. What a great game series, I am very pleased now.




While I usually try to remain optimistic, I wouldn’t count the chicken embryos before they’ve incubated. I’m not entirely certain we’ve seen the last of the server issues, even if the match result error has gotten a lot less frequent(only encountered it once today), and that one time my progress was still counted.

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I am real, it’s a great game.




I’m just happy I got what I earned from all those long matches of KOTH. Hopefully this games servers get better as time goes by. They did it right in gears 4. My personal opinion.


Even with all that I personally am enjoying the game. I also know changes are coming.Just like they did with Gears 4. People just need to give constructive feedback instead of this game sucks.


Ok, so I assume they will redesign the horde mode completely, and the tour of grind along with the pathetic rewards people are currently getting


I like the changes to horde. Thats 1 thing I dont see them changing. As for the ToD and rewards yes. It was the same crazy grind at the beginning of Gears 4 with rewards


5 levels , and you’re happy !

You sound like a kinda guy who is always happy in their life … I envy you …


geme is trash with over 100 ping


I did receive some supply drops and stuff but I didn’t get my achievements for beating the campaign. Says I was missing chapters but that’s impossible because I did beat the campaign again.

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I agree with the OP to some extent. The game is not that bad when it actually lets you play and gives you your results at the end of the match. I was very negative the first few days because of all the server issues and everything else, but now that it is stable I’m having a decent time playing it. Not the best GOW game in my opinion, but worth the time. I still don’t like many new design decisions, but I’m going to be playing this game for a while.


You maybe happy with getting your experience or whatever but doesn’t change that fact that the design of the multiplayer and horde in this game are trash.


Agreed man, nice to see some optimism for once! The flood of whinny BS in this forum since early launch has been exausting. Constructive criticism with good feedback is how we get fixes and changes. If I have to see one more “really TC” or “This games trash” or “I’m an 06 vet” post I’m avoiding the forums for awhile.


New Horde just sucks. I like to be more optimistic then that, but for me to make suggestions on where to start would require them to rebuild from the ground up. Which I am positive they aren’t going to do.

I think the game is great tbh.


Yes I do not like all the negitive post, if you don’t like the game play something else. If you guys want to add me on Xbox. A twitch gamer

I mainly play KOTH I look forward to seeing you all on the battlefield! Thanks for all the positive feedback.


Same really enjoying the game… A few tweaks here and there and I’m 100%sold on it


It’s a really great game I love how they added some new weapons, the flash grenade is really useful as well, gives you a better chance break a cap. The only thing I would say tweak is the animation after getting flashed is a bit to long, and the cap points when you actually cap, and break needs to be more points givin to the player that plays the objective. Just what I would like to see changed other than that great game. Still a great game even without changing what I would like to be changed. I can’t get enough of gears 5 almost makes me wanna call outta work to play all day! Lol