Very disappointed, add the beta tuning in!

Its been 3 weeks now and they STILL haven’t added this in… What’re you waiting on???

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What beta tuning?

Slower slide

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Oh hell no. Game is already slow af.
If its so great , why snt anyone playing the beta tuning.
The movement isnt the issue. Its the cover not actually being cover and im not talking about up A s or wrap around.
You can literally shoot through walls if the opponent is standing behind a pillar or crunched down.
Nothing will change if that 600 is implemented. The game will just be slower with the same bs

And even less players. Look how many players they already lost when op.3 came out.


they made change, after recent update it feels sluggish and slow, i guess people that are asking for that can’t get their shots in

No it just feels smoother. To me

That beta list with the 600 ss is Straight A**.

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Plays good both ways for me a really don’t find it
That drastic of a change honeslty. I still play the same way.

Honestly. Ur probably right. The game does feel even slower.

Wtf is the point of these beta if they are just going to implement the bs anyways.