Very curious who all here wanted Blood Drive to be brought back?

I don’t know about y’all but I’m sick of seeing this map in every game… I would have preferred Jacinto or even River (which would probably be really bad) but at least a little enjoyable. :smiley: Maybe I’m just stuck in the past because I really enjoyed playing Guardian in Gears of War 2. There was one more map that I can’t remember that had a mortar at the southern side of the map and a boom shield on the opposite side that would’ve been sick.

Agreed. There’s so many g4 maps I feel like I’m playing g4. I haven’t even played on reactor yet. This is one of things I hate about g5. And the remakes are COMPLETELY unchanged. Most games make atleast a color or atmosphere change at the very least.

The newer maps for some time need to have a higher chance of appearing or something. I’m just playing the same 3 g4 maps over and over again.

Are you taking about pavilion? If you are, that was an awesome map.

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I wanted it back like so many of the excellent Judgement maps, but then I didn’t remember Blood Drive pre Judgement and yeah this map is not in the same class, but it’s fun for horde and I can see it being the new forge.

I’d like to see again Mansion, Ruins or Jacinto…


You don’t want to play harbor and reclaimed again for the 27373772747 time it shows up!? Lol

Oh right! Reclaimed and Foundation 4 evah! :black_heart::black_heart:

They’re good maps. Sure. But we just got out of g4. And they’re back unchanged showing up EVERY time. It gets real old.

Of course they are, I loved them in G4. But after 1000 (literally) hours, I’m getting sick…

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Yes Pavilion! Leaders would camp spawns and you could either A. Shoot a mortar in a specific spot because the roof was bugged so they could all be wiped or B. Do the boom shield glitch where you would mantle over it and it would teleport you inside. God that game was so bugged but I had so much fun.

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LOL they should bring it back and simulate the boom shield glitch to get in by maybe hitting a set of buttons in order to open up a security door or something. The code should stay the same every time. But it can be deactivated entirely for a couple minutes if you can get to the switch. This simulates the other team disabling or getting the boom shield themselves.

Pavilion was a great map. You got those choke points and a wide open field in the center but the area on one of the choke points didn’t have a roof so you could toss Nades over to fend off the enemy from getting the boom shield in the middle. I loved KOTH on that map too.

TC on the other hands has the potential to make some pretty good maps. I love asylum. One of my favs. I’d like either g2 maps we haven’t seen or entirely new maps. I’m done with all the rehashed g4 maps.

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Yeah bad idea bringing GOAT map back lol

TC have changed their core values due to all the leadership that left, so with that being said… they know we need new maps to play on. It’s almost a YEAR and we had what, one, 2 new maps? At least gears 4 was putting out 2 at a time (even if they were old recycled ones) and had a bunch out by almost a year after release.

Truth be told… it’s easier for them to port gears 4 maps into 5 with minimal change, but it gives us more variety. I’d rather have checkout and blood drive now than wait another operation for just a new map. The old leadership wanted to drip feed us content so slowly that it was destroying the game beyond the poor state it already was in. At least we got more variety in op 4.

With that being said… I wish blood drive and checkout had changes instead of the same looking ones from so many games now. I wish checkout was a “night time” map and the store was all dark with some accent lighting in certain areas… enough to make it light enough to see but dark enough to make it creepy, like a gears 3 style bullet marsh feel to it where lights could be shot out and it got even more creepy. As for blood drive… I would’ve liked to see it maybe have a rain or snow effect (think gears 3 raven down) OR have some weather effect and be nighttime on top of it.

Am I happy we got a few more maps to play around in? Yes. Could TC have put a lil more effort into bringing them back as a different version so it doesn’t feel like the same maps we’ve been playing since gears 1 and gears 3? Of course! But I get it… they had to scramble to get “new” content into a failing game that’s on the verge of ppl giving up on it for good, so they did the best they could with bringing them over into the game to hold us over.

At least some of it is better than nothing.

Pavilion is that map i think, great map also.

Personally I love Blood Drive so I’m happy its back. That being said I would have preferred Jacinto since I love that map too and it has been forever since I’ve played it.

Got to admit, would love to see Jacinto and River …i do love Blood Drive though, classic!

Never disliked blood drive or even checkouts. For me personally, it gets boring to be honest. Been playing blood drive since gears 2 and checkouts since gears 3.

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I really enjoy Blood Drive. Even still, I agree that a different map we haven’t seen in a while would’ve been better.

I do like the map but I feel any maps thats appeared in 2 or more games shouldnt be return