VERY bad fps on mid range pc

What the hell? It’s the only game i have problems with. No matter if i put in low, or on ultra. Installed on NVME SSD

6950x 4.4, 16GB RAM, GTX1070.
Windows 10 1903

same thing with my GTX1060 and 17 7700K… i really hope they will fix this game

Ok so sub-30’s FPS ?

Well FPS is fine for me but I’m using an AMD GPU, so it’s probably the same Nvidia driver issue from GoW 4

Terrible Fps here to 30 to 40 mostly 40ish i have raised it to 2160p supersampled and lowered it to 720p without any effect something is seriously bugged in the game. Ryzen 1600 16GB DDR4 with a 1660ti which is basically a slightly faster 1070.

i had to DDU drivers a FEW times and it fixed itself the next day.
not sure what was the RC of this

Get a One X! It runs flawlessly

Damn I get like 200+ fps constantly, I think the game is optimized very well. I’m on a 9900k@5ghz and a 1660ti though, 16gb of ram.

ASUS ROG GL702VM laptop with 24 GB RAM and 6 GB Nvidia GTX 1060 runs like crap no matter what settings or resolution I choose. Installed all the updates and graphics drivers, still nothing. So much for preorder bonus, can even get a refund. All games run well on this laptop, especially this one. Had no issues with Gears 4 with stable 60 fps.

i have :slight_smile:
game worked ok after DDU drivers twice

This is very likely something you have to figure out on your end because I am on a gaming laptop from 2016 and getting a constant 60 FPS.

DDU helped, New Nvidia drivers are broken.